Friday, June 3, 2011

Literally the lamest post ever

This week I thanked my husband for 8 blissful years of marriage. He was so annoyed.

Probably because it was our 15th anniversary.

Picky, picky. It's not like I said the other 7 years were a living hell; blissful is a very high achievement for a marriage. We celebrated in style: I got him a $15 itunes gift card and he killed this fly that was really getting on my nerves.

Anywho, Charles & I are having this little disagreement, our first since pillow-gate 1 Today’s issue: The meaning of the word literally.


Charles: I could literally spend all day throwing a ball to this dog.

Me: I wouldn’t advertise that. It makes you sound kind of lame.

Charles: Well I don’t mean literally, literally. I mean it like ‘not literally.’

Me: So the definition of ‘literally’ is ‘not literally?’

It’s not the only definitional problem we’ve had today. Charles revealed today that he was nominated for ‘hottest something something’.2

Me: Hottest meaning hottest? Or hottest meaning hottest? (Makes vague hand motions)

Charles: Hottest meaning hottest. (Makes no hand motion)

Me: That doesn’t help.

Eight blissful years. Six pretty damn decent years.3 Happy Anniversary to us!

[1] Which considering how much I spent on dresses alone for Jake’s Bar Mitzvah is pretty impressive.

[2] I actually know what he was nominated for, but if he loses, I do not want to be blamed cause he would literally kill me. Oh. Shit.

[3] 2001 was a tough year for everyone so it doesn't really count.


the Tsaritsa said...

LOL at "hottest something something."

The Zadge said...

Congrats! 15 is quite an accomplishment, even if it literally hasn't been the hottest all the time.

Anonymous said...

I like how my now British college roommate pronounces it "litrally"


Stimey said...

At least you're honest. That's like the best anniversary gift of all. Congratulations!

Norman said...

Congrats!! anything you could give to your partner is really appreciated..

Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

Happy Anniversary to Le ShallowGal and her Hottest (makes hand gestures with one hand only) Something Something!

A Mother's Thoughts said...

A literally funny conversation. Happy (7) year anniversary.