Monday, April 6, 2009

And now back to our regularly scheduled, um, excuses

I'm not entirely sure of the etiquette (1) , but please direct your attention to today's DC Metro Moms. Maybe comment while you're there, you know, before they get buyers remorse.

The most exciting part of this adventure: DCMM (2) uses TypePad which has the appropriate function to properly place footnotes. Hello Blogger, I'm looking at you!

I wish I could say that collaborating on a THIRD blog wouldn't cut into the time I spend here, but our entire relationship is built on trust, and I wouldn't want to ruin that. Unless you want to build a new relationship built entirely on cream puffs. Cause I could really go for a cream puff right around now.

1) Also not entirely sure I care.
2) Look at me with the blogger slang. DCMM stands for DC Metro Moms. At least it should.


Stimey said...

Congratulations! I'm directing my attention there right now.

texasholly said...

Yeah for going local.

And I will totally renegotiate my adoration of you over a cream puff.

Philly said...

I so love cream puffs. Went out to dinner a few weeks ago. Had some for dessert, dipped in chocolate.