Friday, April 24, 2009

No comment

Here's what I have: A blog that I haven't updated in 4 days, some random thoughts about comments, children interrupting me every 39 seconds for ice cream, and a title. (1)

Here's what I don't have: A point. (2)

We'll make do.
  • Did I ever tell you about the time I was comment of the day on Jenny's blog? I haven't commented there since because I can't stand the thought of not being COTD. The pressure is too great.
  • Kristin once responded to a comment of mine with: "Amy, I don't even care what I write any more. I just pound out any old thing that comes into my head, just HOPING that you'll leave a comment because you're comments are so freaking *funny* : )" Is that bragging?
  • Someone once left me a comment that said something like "thanks for leaving a comment on my blog." That's when I realized that comments beget comments. However, I'm pretty sure that person never came back. So I don't know what the lesson is.
  • I base my self worth on the number of comments each entry got. The one about my kids skating got five. That makes me feel like a semi-productive member of society. Ten comments makes me look thinner.
  • You know what irritates me? When you read someone's blog and they have like 2000 comments. I mean, doesn't person 1997 realize that Dooce that person is never going to read their comment and it's just going to hang there in cyberspace forever? Where as I print out and frame all of my comments?
  • I've left several comments on other people's blogs recently, that I thought were pretty clever. I even thought about expanding on the idea to make a post of my own. Instead I tracked them down and cut and pasted them here. Which took like 3 times longer than writing an actual post.
In response to a post about how someone said the Craigs List killer "wouldn't hurt a fly" and how people who claim that are usually bonkers, I had this to say:
OK that reminds me of a story. Last year, I was letting Eli smash gypsy caterpillars outside the preschool and another little boy started to do it too. His mother told him to stop, because, and I quote (hence the quotation marks) "We don't do that in our family.

Then she smiled all condescendingly and said "No offense, we're just tree huggers" and I said "Well since gypsy caterpillars KILL the trees, maybe you should squoosh them."

Then I might have said "In your face" or possibly "Geech." Anyway, she moved away the following month, and I like to think it's mostly because of me.
In response to a proposal to start an online book club reading Ulysess:

Before I commit I have a few questions:

1) James Joyce's version? Cause it's really long.

2) It only got 4 stars on Amazon. Nauti Intentions got 5 stars. Shouldn't we read that since it's clearly a superior work of fiction?

1) The title is supposed to be a play on words but it really makes no sense whatsoever because, clearly, I comment.
2) Or a book deal. WTF?


Rachel said...

I really love commenting on other blogs more than I like posting on my own. I think this idea of just posting recent comments you've left is brilliant. And your comments, of course, are brilliant, too.

I'll thank you in advance for leaving a comment on my blog.

Kay said...

I totally suck at commenting. I never know what to say... and I absolutely HATE commenting on uber-blogs where I know not only will I not get a response, but the author may not even READ my comment.

I respond to EVERY comment... but that's easy when I only average one or two comments :)

CoftheU said...

I always feel like I'm sucking up when I comment. And I'm a lame commenter anyway. How many times can I say:
You're hilarious!
You rock!
Love your blog!

But I am being totally honest when I say I went back and read some of your posts and the raisin and the dashboard thing had me tears. Which is good because I needed that kind of laugh.

vuboq said...

vuboq fondly remembers the days when he used to get more comments than shallowgal. *sigh*

and, um, when are we going to see the Hot Tranny Mess Driver's License Photo? Hm? Hm? Perhaps your new icon?

dizzblnd said...

e your comments? Wow I better copyright mine then ;)

I try hard to leave "quality" whatever that might be comments on the blogs I visit. When I respond to comments.. I try to do the same.. but sometimes its so damn hard.

Meanwhile.. just keep posting and have fun.. that's what its all about anyway

Anonymous said...


Marinka said...

I love this type of comment:

"I just came across your blog and I don't know what to say. So I'll just say cool blog. Check out luxury watches at my site".

Your comments are just the best.If I gave out comment of the day awards, you'd have to move to a bigger house. Not that your house isn't big enough now, of course.

iMommy said...

So, you only comment on Marinka's blog? lol :)

TMCPhoto said...

Just wanted to bump your comments up so you can look thinner.

country mouse said...

TMCPhoto and I were thinking EXACTLY THE SAME THING! Which, for some reason, needed to be shouted in all-caps . . .

And just check out how thin you look now!

Also? I wondered if the "Kristin" mentioned in this post was me. So I followed the link. Which led exactly nowhere. So I'm going to believe it's me based on the fact that the word "just" was used too frequently. That's just how I roll.

Long winded comment much? : )

Kari said...

Sometimes I find that my comments are like a "mini posts". Not this time, but sometimes.

You crack me up - with your blog and your comments on other's blogs!

the mama bird diaries said...

I would like a gold frame for my comment.

Kirsten said...

I love getting comments and I love commenting. I only wish I were wittier.

I tend not to comment on a post that has over 50 comments already. Unless I have something REALLY important to say.

Lucky for you I am comment number 13!

Stimey said...

You're looking so thin today. And did you do something with your hair?

I also live for comments. And I find you hilarious. And I wish I had something clever to say here, but I don't.

So I'm leaving the least funny comment on a post about funny comments.

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

I also love comments. But I have to say, the funnier the post, the more intimidated I am about leaving a comment. Because I feel like I have to be at least almost as funny. But here, that's pretty much impossible.

So from now on, I will leave even lame comments. I had no idea comments make you thinner.

Anonymous said...

By now, you must be one skinny bitch!

T-from PA

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

This is why I don't even comment on my own blog. Comment pressure. It's like trying to pee in front of someone.

Christy said...

Like everyone else, I love comments too!

And the ones you put in this post are really funny.

But I hate comments on my blog that say "Stopping by from SITS" - who cares where you're coming from? Writing that is like saying, I'm not reading your post but I want to look like I am. (I think I need to leave this comment on your other blog as a whine!)

David said...

So does 19 comments make you anorexic?

Soliloquy said...

You like to think she moved away because of you! Classic.

I thought I would contribute as the 20th commenter.

You're a rock star!

Anonymous said...

Nauti Intentions...I have read it and i rate it "almost erotica". LOVE that you menetioned it as it was super funny.

Anonymous said...

any updates coming ?

Anonymous said...

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