Sunday, February 27, 2011

How Bored is Amy? So bored!

When Eli was a baby, my favorite game was "How big is Baby?" It's awesome cause you just lie the baby on your lap and squeak "How big is baby?" and then you stretch the baby's arms out over his head and say "SO BIG!" It sounds dull, but trust me, once you enter the mind numbing realm of Candy Land, you yearn for 'How Big is Baby'.

But one problem. Eli's not a baby anymore. He's in Kindergarten, full-day Kindergarten at that, leaving me with 7 hours a day all to myself. So I invented a new game called "How bored is Amy?" It's really similar to "How big is baby" but with no baby.

You're really being dense about this. It's easier to just show you:

How Bored is Amy? So Bored!

Bored enough to pull out the dead tomato plants and get the garden ready for next spring?

I'm not dead yet!

Nope, not that bored.

How Bored is Amy? So Bored!

Bored enough to clean out the stash of miscellaneous crap piled behind the sofa?

Fine show-off. Where do you store your broken ice cream maker?

I don't think I'll ever be that bored.

How Bored is Amy? So Bored!

Bored enough to resume blogging on a semi-regular basis? Hahahahahahah. You people kill me.

This game sucks, almost as much as Candy Land. Hold on, there's a point.

How Bored is Amy? So Bored!

Bored enough to haul over to Target and buy some Clairol to see what I'd look like as a redhead?

Exactly that bored. (2)

1)That stuff, as well as the contents of the attic and the crawl space is all going to convey when I sell the house.
2) I am in no way comparing myself to Lucille Ball except for hair color and obviously the fact that my husband & I sleep in twin beds.


vuboq said...

Ooooh! I want to see pictures!

The Zadge said...

You *must* post a photo of the new color - as a fellow blonde, I've thought about going red too! Are you yelling, "Riccckky!"?

Anonymous said...

Ooh, so fun!

Do you like it?

Kristi Hall said...


the mama bird diaries said...

Are you bored enough to post photos??

Becca said...

Oh I have missed you SO MUCH. I'm so glad to be back in the blogosphere.

And I love that game. It's a fantastic way to test just how bored you truly are. I practice it constantly on my laundry. Bored enough to do laundry? NOPE!

And yes, pictures of the new hair color!!

Clare said...

You really bored!!! post more photos