Monday, December 10, 2007

Can I tell you something really embarrassing?

Promise you won't think less of me. It's that bad.

PCSguy watches Deal or No Deal.

And not in a "Oh I can't find the remote and the tv is just on for background noise" kind of way. He actually sits down at 8o'clock on Friday night and has an opinion about if the contestant should take the deal. He makes predictions about the banker's next offer. He yells at the tv when someone doesn't take his advice.

I told you it was embarrassing (1)

Why am I telling you this? No reason. Just looking for something to write about while the kids fight over their new karaoke machine. Three kids, two microphones and one disc. Eli refuses to nap and is still recovering from pink-eye. He's actually crying because he and Noa are playing pizza guy and Noa told him they were out of pizza. Out of imaginary pizza.

It's one of those rainy days and Mondays kinda deals, complete with whining and early school dismissal.

And no relief in sight. PCSguy is in Miami. (2) At the Doral. I heard it's warm there. He brought his tux. As per the usual, I'm still in my pajamas. At 3:21 pm.

At least he didn't bring his golf clubs. Then I'd have to tell you something REALLY embarrassing.

1) I never said it was about me.
2) Remember stalkers: BIG DOG

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