Tuesday, December 4, 2007

ShallowGal and Posse Take New York

American Express tells tales of the boost to the U.S. economy when ShallowGal and ShallowGal's daughter and ShallowGal's daughter's doll (1) took New York. Unfortunately, it wasn't Bloomies or Bergdorf's or any of the 67 cute boutiques marked in Zagat's 2008 Shopping Guide.

The exorbitant charge was to the American Girl Doll Store.

Let me reiterate that, in case you missed the finer points of my sarcasm. We went to New York, the fashion capital of the world, and the doll got a new outfit (2) . The doll got a blow-out. The doll got a facial.

Felicity shall henceforth be referred to as ShallowDoll. ShallowGal's changing her name to Chump.

Clearly it is the doll who needs her hair combed

1) An awkward title for a book.
2) Plus the doll is a total sell-out and happily relinquished her colonial roots for a trendy skating ensemble.

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