Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to plan a trip to New York, ShallowGal style

Step 1- One month out:
Decide on a whim to take Noa to New York to see the holiday lights and windows. (1) Hope fervently that this will permanently end all middle child angst. Spend twenty minutes booking travel and deciding to splurge on orchestra seats to the Lion King. Rationalize that the airfare was less than $100 each and we'll be staying with my dad. Promise self to spend no more money on this trip.

Step 2-Three and a half weeks out:
Realize I chose one of the shows on strike. Spend next 3 weeks googling "New York Theater Strike" looking for secret clues. Find none.

Step 3-Three weeks out:
Start checking weather. Get frustrated at the limitation of modern meteorology. Instead start reading every guidebook available at the library, forgetting that I actually spent 18 years living in New York. Buy Zagat's guide to Shopping in New York. Justify $14 spent on book by planning a second trip to New York in the spring.

Step 4- One week out:
Allow laundry to pile up and children's brains to turn to mush in front of endless Disney channel while I turn attention to my bag saga.

Step 5-Yesterday:
Check weather. Realize it will snow. Express amazing amounts of surprise. (2) Turn attention to the shoe situation. Remember excellent experience with Zappos (3) Order these boots:

Speculate boots will look like too Wonder Woman-ish. Stress that PCSguy will learn what boots cost. Come up with plan to buy Wonder Woman outfit to appease him. Rationalize that I will use the money refunded from the Lion King tickets.

Step 6- Four hours later:
Learn theater strike is over. Check Zappos, see boots left Kentucky at 1 am and are already in Springfield. Marvel over Zappos. Feel momentarily guilty about my carbon footprint this week. Vow to plant a tree or something when it's tree planting season.

Step 7- Now:
Reminisce over previous trips to New York. Remember one with Jake when he was almost 2. (4) Recall standing outside the Today Show and Al Roker (5) made a bee-line over to talk to my adorable toddler. Watch Jake scream in terror, hysterical, on national television until I finally had to apologize to Al and walk away. Spend next 7 years worrying that America thinks I'm raising some kind of racist toddler.

1)Plus her grandfather has been wanting to take her to the American Girl store and who am I to prevent that?
2) Now in my NY fantasy, Noa and I were skating in Central Park with lightly falling snow. However, it was also 72 degrees the rest of the trip. Not my best thought out fantasy.
3) I have a memory like an elephant.
4)My elephant-like memory does not extend back to this trip, except for this one specific memory. I cannot remember what season it was or why we went. I have apparently blocked this trip, for good reason.
5)This was like 7 years ago so it was back when Al was fat. Maybe that's what scared Jake.


Anonymous said...

PCSGuy here.

Normally I have gnat-like memory, but I will weigh in on footnote 4. You and oldest son came along on a business trip (yes, a side benefit of my printer cartridge sales is sometimes trips for Shallow Gal). We stayed at the Plaza 50 Suites Hotel.

New York hotel said...

well, maybe you just need to go to NYC for yourself and that's it :) i think that if you'll leave your kids with the Disney Channel they won't take notice that you're gone :) my last trip i left mine with my mother in law and i have to say, i had a pleasant trip after all. and thanks to last Minute Travel i also got a nice deal, so i could saw a couple of shows!