Saturday, November 10, 2007

Issue Number One ! Am I a shopping blog?

It's kind of a joke between me and my husband; I do all my best thinking in the shower and on the elliptical trainer. Sadly I don't spend enough time either place, hence my greasy hair, size 10 jeans and lack of original thoughts.

But yesterday was a red letter day ! I got my tush to the gym nice and early and a mere nine hours later showered and changed out of my workout clothes. But alas, much thinking took place. (And I promise this will be the last time I get so specific about HOW my thought process works)

I figured out how I will determine what kind of blog this will be. Each day I will try a different approach. using the categories so kindly established here. Unfortunately, I already promised today's post would be SHOPPING and ShallowGal never goes back on her word. And c'mon Weblog people, best shopping blog should totally be a category, way more than Best Technology blog or Best Canadian Blog. That is so not why Al Gore invented the internet.

And now, for my actual post (all that was just foreplay)

ShallowGal has many many addictions, but the least destructive one is my obsession with beauty product samples. I have bought way more Clinque that I never used solely for that little bottle of yellow moisturizer and teeny bronze little pencil. Hell, I'll even hoard the toiletries from the hotel bathroom.

Some web surfing the other day led my to this great website: SpaLook. It's reminds me of Sephora with an 8% ebates kickback. Same old, same old and then . . . WHOA. The Fragrance finder box. Six deluxe samples of perfumes, in the cutest miniature version of their full size bottles. I mean do you see that adorable L'Air du Temps bottle? That baby makes me want to go out and buy an old fashion vanity table for primping. The whole kit and kaboodle is $25 and you get a $20 gift card towards the full size version of one of those products. SpaLook threw in a bunch of skincare samples as well. Pure bliss. Spend $50 and get free FedEx second day shipping.

So? Do I have what it takes to be a shopping blog? This is what the comment section is for, people !

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