Friday, November 23, 2007

The word that best describes our Thanksgiving

So. Thanksgiving has come and gone for another year (1) And the word that describes this year's festivities . . . authentic. That's because, except for my husband and children, everyone we spent Thanksgiving with actually arrived here on the Mayflower. You'd have to go to Del Boca Vista to find a dinner table with an older median age.

First there was my Grandmother and Aunt Ruth. 82 with advanced Alzheimers and 92 and just plain mean, respectively. We celebrated with them over at their nursing home. Did I mention that Aunt Ruth is actually my common-law, step-great-Aunt? (2) Both were in unusually good moods, Grandma even recognized me. That there, that's my Thanksgiving miracle. (3)

Our actual Thanksgiving dinner took place at my Mother-in-law's house. She invited three of her friends and the highlight of the evening was the Great Cane Debate of 2007 ("Is that my cane?" " No, that's my cane, your cane is in your hand." "So it is.") (4)

The other super-authentic thing about our Thanksgiving was the Kosher/ dairy egg salad turkey. Just like the Pilgrims had. Yummy.

Makes you kind of wish you hadn't shot down the turducken so fast, eh?

1) And no turducken for PCSguy. Better luck in '08!
2) We are all disguised white trash, you can't say I didn't warn you.
3) No seriously, it was really sweet. Except when I helped her to call my mom and she said "Amy's trippin over here.'"
4) I swear to G-d this conversation took place, PCSguy will back me up.

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