Friday, November 9, 2007

Who's Who around here

Long time readers of this blog (little inside joke there) will notice I've changed my title and URL. Glad you found me!

One of the most important things about writing a blog (location, location, location?) is deciding how you will refer to all your friends and family. I've noticed several options: 1) using everyone's real and full name and praying the stalkers live too far away to to anything about it or 2) use cutesy nicknames like "Baby Bear" or "the dad" 3) give everyone pseudonyms. I have given my friends the option to pick their own names that describe their own personality. Sadly, I have not offered my husband or children the same kindness.

The kids are easy, especially given my hope that this doesn't turn out to be a parenting blog. There are 3 of them: so the 9 year old becomes the oldest, the 7 year year old can either be the middle child or the girl-child. Much to the dismay of my friend Donna (whose real name I am using) I will refer to my almost 3 year old as the baby. Lordy, she hates that.

Naming my husband is tougher. The obvious choice is Printer-Cartridge-Salesman-Guy, but that's really a mouthful, no? I've always been partial to The father of three of my children. Kind of reveals us as the middle-upper-class white trash we are. Since he has already complained about the way he is portrayed on this blog possibly we'll just write him off. I'll get back to him.

Now me. I renamed this blog today; it used to be Let's Pretend you Asked because I love love love to give unsolicited advice. And I still plan to do that. But let's face it, I am seriously one of the shallowest people I know. I like shopping, wine and sleeping. I prefer InStyle to Time, America's Next Top Model to Masterpiece Theatre. In this paragraph alone I've used the word "I" EIGHT times already. That's not to say I don't have redeeming qualities, and we'll get into those at some point, but overall, I am one shallow chickadee . So henceforth, I shall be ShallowGal. (Or just "me" or "I" cause I'm really not into the third person speak) Or you can call me Amy, I think that's still vague enough to confuse the stalkers.

Tomorrow we start delving into what kind of blog this is. Possibility #1: Is it a shopping blog?

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