Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's a Family Affair

Most printer cartridge salesmen travel extensively for their job, my husband is no exception. (1) For the most part I'm used to it. Occasionally, though, I have a night like Tuesday:

It was my turn to drive carpool and it was also swim team "funraiser" night at Chicken Out. I decided to treat the entire carpool to dinner, at the time (2) it seemed easier than driving everyone home and turning around. Dinner was a disaster from the get-go; girl child is mad because I won't let her sit with the teenagers, the baby is mad because I got him mac and cheese instead of an M&M cookie and all the older kids are pestering me for their social security numbers so they can apply for jobs at Chicken Out. (3)

By the time we get home, the baby is running a fever. Girlchild somehow blows a circuit by jamming her night light into the socket too hard and shorts out half the house. It takes me until midnight to get all the electricity squared away and the clocks reset. The baby is up most of the night, and the next, it turns out.

Nights like that, I do wish I was married to a Nordstrom shoe salesman. (4)

Anyway, PCSguy now has his own blog (like I tell my kids, forgery is the nicest form of flattery) It's either about business travel or balancing work and family (depending on a complicated matrix involving the barometric pressure, the price of crude oil and the availability of Da Ali G show at his hotel)

Oh, I almost forgot: PCSguy saw American Gangster Tuesday. (5) He said it was really good. Also he highly recommends the Westin in Houston. The beds are particularly comfortable.

(1) Don't bother stalkers. I have an alarm system and a large Doberman Pinscher.
(2) Oy, those three words.
(3) They're nine, the lack of social security numbers on the application is not what's preventing them from getting this job.
(4)Just not the one at Pentagon City, he's hella-old.
(5) We both know that I *so* did not almost forget.

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