Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ShallowGal challenges YOU !

I cannot possibly be the only woman on the planet who spends way too much time (and money) at Nordstroms yet still ends up at preschool drop-off in yoga pants. (1) Surely someone else has had to tell their three year old "You have to do kiss-and-ride sweetie. Mommy can't walk you in wearing slippers." All these cute clothes are lingering in my closet and I'm wearing pajamas to the bus stop.

Sometimes I worry they might stage a mutiny.

Oh I have plenty of excuses; I might get to the gym that day, printer-cartridge-salesman guy is on the road and there's no time to shower, or I'm at some bloated point of the month where jeans are just a bad idea. Excuses are the specialty of the house.

FlyLady talks about getting up a half-hour before the rest of the family. Nice try. There are days I'd have to get up before I even went to bed (2)

This morning, my friend Linda (3) made the following challenge. For one week, starting tomorrow, we get dressed in actual clothes every single morning. Groundbreaking. But honestly, it does not take any longer to put on a nice top instead of a 20 year old college sweatshirt. When I nag the kids to pick out their clothes the night before, well, I can follow my own advice. And even if it doesn't make me any more productive, I deserve to look pretty.

ShallowGal loves company ! (4) Pledge to join me over in the comment section ! Photography will be used me to keep me honest.

If only we'd started today I wouldn't have had to negotiate with the contractor
while wearing zebra pajamas and a hoodie. At 4 in the afternoon.

1) With no intention of going to yoga natch
2) The lack of sleep in this house will be tomorrow's post.
3) Linda's motto is "no more shopping in the junior department" However we spend a lot of time at Forever 21. It's a close call.
4) Although if I get gussied up and you're still in track pants I do look that much nicer.

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