Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The not so shallow side of me

ShallowGal does have some pet causes. Things that get me excited other than the friends and family sale over at Sephora. (1) Yes, most are extremely petty. For example, I'd like to see the abolition of vanity license plates. Early dismissal from school on Mondays is another.

But some of my mini-missions are legit; like Christmas presents for kids in foster care and boycotting anything related to the boy scouts until they stop their discrimination against homosexuals and agnostics.

Unfortunately I just dabble in these causes as they enter my atmosphere. Back in September, when my Synagogue started a Boy Scout troop, I protested vehemently. Until I forgot to. For weeks this was the only issue I was capable of discussing. Today I have no clue if there even is still a Boy Scout troop there. I step foot in that building SEVEN days a week and couldn't tell you if there's a sign in the lobby or not. I keep meaning to ask someone.

Christmas presents for kids in foster care, well luckily that is a short lived project anyway. But please, this Holiday season remember children who have already been through so much. I can help you find a local agency, please e-mail me or leave a comment.

Most near and dear to my heart, however, the issue I would use for my Presidential campaign, is the prompt and nonjudgmental treatment of women with postpartum depression.

The first OBGyn I tried to discuss it with suggested that an hour of strenuous exercise a day was all I needed to feel better. Another one happily scribbled a prescription for Prozac, but when questioned about it by CPS (2) wrote a long letter that denied any involvement or knowledge in the situation. Rat bastard. I got rejected for life insurance at 30 because I was on Prozac. PCS-guy scored a millions bucks worth, despite having cholesterol over 300.

Luckily for me and my family, I'm now under the care of an experienced and caring midwife. Who has done the research and knows that PPD is an illness. That I need zoloft the way a diabetic needs insulin. Who treats me in a nonjudgmental manner that allows me to feel safe when discussing symptoms and treatments.

I have friends, both in real life and through the internet who also suffer from depression. And because of the stigma that's attached, don't get help.

I promise this isn't going to become one of those "My life with PPD" blogs. (3) I'm not going to start sprouting stats about women and depression and suggesting 1-800 numbers. But I won't hide the issue in the closet for fear of being thought less of.

I know. As if.

1)Use the code FF2007 at checkout for 20% off your total. Today (Tuesday) go thru ebates for an extra 8% back.
2) For our foster care license, not the aqua-dotting of my children. Which again, I was only joking.
3) Or a nun bar (name *that* movie!)

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