Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Today's Cage match is eBags vs. Zappos

May the best site win !

PCSguy needed new luggage (1) He's always been partial to eBags, something about a gym bag or a laptop bag, I don't know, something to do with a bag. I'm almost positive. As long as he was ordering, I decided to treat myself to a new bag for Noa's and my upcoming trip to New York.

Specifically this bag:

What is this? A bag for midgets?
It would have to be three times this size!

Right? It's cute and big enough to hold my Chloe wallet and it's classified as "urban" which I think is e-commerce for "You need this to go to New York with a 7 year old for the weekend." I ordered it from eBags on November 17th. Here's what it looks like, in real life, ten full days later:

It looked bigger online

What? You don't see it? Not even if you squint really hard? Huh. Let me ask eBags. Oh ! They say:

•Sherpani - Trevina Order Sent to Warehouse Nov 27, 2007 Not yet available*

Actually if you call them they tell you to fuck off, they're closed and if you e-mail them they just ignore you. But if you log unto my accounts page, they tell you it will be here sometime today, which I doubt unless the warehouse guy delivers it himself by unicorn or something.

So our next contestant in this cage match is the heavily favored Zappos. Now I've never actually kept a single thing I ordered from Zappos and guess what, they don't care ! They keep sending stuff to my house with my free return labels. No grudges. No "Do you think THIS time you might actually really want this?"

Zappos offered me 12% back on ebates (2) and even had choices from Sherpani (3) that didn't even exist back in the day, long ago, when I ordered from eBags. Last night (Cyber Monday) after putting kids to bed (but before Two and a Half Men) I picked out this one:

And at 2:55 PM (4), it looked like this:

Infinitely more usable, no?

Thus the first winner of our online shopping Cage match is Zappos.

1)Cause he travels, I may have mentioned that. And he's apparently unusually hard on luggage.
2) Seriously? You still haven't joined ebates?
3) Who I am obsessed with for no good reason except I saw one of their bags at REI and thought it was cute. Or possibly that was a Timbuck2 bag. They're also "urban."
4) That's tricky math there, let's just call it 18 hours.

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specialK said...

ShallowGal, love your blog! Not just because I work for the PCSguy (ha!) but because it is so entertaining and so compelling! Like some of the good drugs in the 70's...just want a little more! Please continue to write because I can just feel your sarcasm jump right off the page and I love that there is no guess work in your reading. You paint a great picture!