Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just when you thought that ShallowGal had taken the 3 bottles of Pantene and left the country

But really SG was just overwhelmed with the concept of writing eleven different names on little pieces of paper, finding a hat, rounding up the posse, explaining the concept of just picking one name, taking the paper out of the hat, writing posse's names on little pieces of paper and picking those to determine who gets to pick their little piece of paper first.

You'd consider taking the conditioner and leaving the country too.

But after a week of paralyzing anxiety, SG simply decided to go the random number generator route.

Even the internet is fucking with me this morning

According to the time stamp, it took seven full minutes
for SG to figure out how to handle this mini-catastrophe.

Marathon Mom, Inna and Julie ~ congratulations! Please email me your address.


vuboq said...

I wuz robbed!
I'm pretty sure that the 4 Y.O. would've picked my name if you'd let him.
Congrats to the lucky 3. I hope they enjoy they're shiny conditioned hair!


Marinka said...

if you tried to take the 3 bottles of Pantene out of the country, you couldn't carry them on the plane because Homeland Security is afraid that you'd start conditioning everyone's hair on the plane and some people may have color treated hair.

Just an FYI.

Inna said...

I won! I won!!! I can't wait to get my hair all shiny :)

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Somehow I MISSED this giveaway. Maybe I should open my Google Reader more than twice a year. I hope they carry this conditioner at Target, because now I must have some. And I really can't get past the fact that you don't go to Target any more. I need to hear that story. (Or maybe I shouldn't?)

I'm Julie said...

Is that Julie me?? I hope so because I am having a horrible week and could use good hair. I have started this crazy ass diet which means no chocolate or wine or happiness, so yeah, good hair would help.

But if it's a different Julie who won, hope her hair is purdy. I'll just sit here with my bad hair and my Wasa crispbread that does not taste like cupcake.