Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where SG's been the past week since clearly she hasn't been here

1. Trying to break her high score of 91 on scramble, despite not knowing such obvious words as caiques, ngwee, voudouns, dunt, and guiro. (1)

2. Dealing with undisclosed medical problems of a child who will not be identified. (2)

3. Writing a post entitled "Why Bravo needs to cast ShallowGal in The Real Housewives of Northern Virginia." Except then it turns out that they really are casting this. And Jessica A Piss has already written this exact post. (3)

4. Caring for a 10 month old foster baby, planting the garden and debating (endlessly) with PCSGuy and the posse about getting a dog.

5. But mostly playing scramble.

1) Caique: Turkish rowboat: a long narrow rowboat used in the waters around Turkey.
ngwee: subunit of Zambian currency: a subunit of Zambian currency.
We didn't find a match on "
voudouns" but we found the following alternate spellings for you.
Dunt: injury from blow: the injury or damage caused by a hit or a blow
Guiro: gourd scraped to make music: a musical instrument of Central and South America, made from a gourd with grooves cut so that a rasping sound is created when a stick is scraped across it.
2) It's not as dire as it sounds, it's just one of those embarrassing issues that said child would never forgive me for writing about.
3) But she also got Lolita Travelsalot and I (and our 4 year olds) advanced screening passes for UP so no hard feelings.


Belle said...

Back up. Did you say looking after a 10 month old foster baby?

Marinka said...

Is Scramble different from Scrabble?

And someone writing the post you were going to write is a real timesaver!

the mama bird diaries said...

Hope your child gets better.

Good luck with the scrabble.

Tell us more about the foster baby.

David said...

Isn't it the job of parents to humiliate their child at regular intervals?

MG @ MommyGeekology said...

When did you get a 10 month old foster baby?

(You didn't even add a footnote. You gotta add a footnote!)

vuboq said...

Scramble? On Facebook? Does this mean you are on Facebook AND NOT MY FRIEND?!?!?!?!

I. am. shattered.

Inna said...

I would definitely start watching Real Housewives if you were cast in it!
I'm going to go look up Scamble, seems like a perfect procrastinators heaven (and apparently good for learning very useful new words).

JessicaAPISS said...

Congrats on the baby! I personally would bow down and worship Bravo if they followed mamas that are foster parents - the REAL heroes!

Glad you guys enjoyed UP, pretty random story but my brood & I liked it too.

Need 12-18 month baby clothes? Come out to the SS and I'll hand you a big ol' Tupperware bin! They're just taunting me in my storage closet and keeping me from getting knocked up again, I'm convinced.


david mcmahon said...

I've heard (through the international media grapevine) that they ARE going to cast you.

Hire an agent.