Thursday, July 9, 2009

An Accounting of ShallowGal's Summer

Miles driven, without ever leaving Fairfax county: 490
Times driven past the gym while wearing workout gear (1) : 42
Times SG has entered the gym: 0

Amount spent on emotional / behavioral testing for child who shall remain nameless: $2500
Number of recent tantrums from that child: 0
Number of recent tantrums from other 2 children: 11

Cases of swine flu: 2
Hours spent in ER: 5

Number of swim meets attended: eleventy billion
Number of points Noa has scored this summer for her team: 12 1/2
Number of points Noa scored total her past 3 years on the team: 2 1/2
On a scale from 1-10, Jake's jealousy at his sister's success: 5

Summer workbooks purchased: 4
Summer workbooks opened: 0

Number of ideas SG has had for a blog post: 28
Number of times SG sat down to blog and instead researched Costa Rican surf schools: 28

1) Conveniently located next to Eli's camp and the skating rink.


I'm Julie said...

Putting gym clothes on actually counts as excercise. True story.

And MERCY when did summer become such a tangle of children' activities? Mom used to shove us out the door at dawn with, "I don't want to see your face until dinner." Now she accuses me of being a neglectful mother when my kiddos have a day without golf camp.

vuboq said...

Number of Times vuboq has wondered if ShallowGal will take him to Costa Rica as her Manny: 28 (and that's just in the last 15 minutes)


Lumpyheadsmom said...

Dude. SWINE FLU? That sucks.

Stimey said...

For real you had swine flu in your house? I swear, it's like you're a celebrity! Only the sick, quarantined kind of celebrity.

I hope your family is feeling better!

TMCPhoto said...

Wow, I'm getting exhausted just reading how your summer is going. I think when Peanut gets old enough for swim meets, swine flu, and emotional and behavioral testing I'll just be doing as I'm Julie's Mom used to and sending her out the door with orders not show her face until dinner

country mouse said...

Wait . . . what? I nearly missed this post because I read the Turducken one and *assumed* (with reasonable cause) that was the only one and there wouldn't be another for about a month. Said the woman who last posted on June 26th : )