Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things that Freak ShallowGal out at 34,000 feet on her way to BlogHer 09

Remember when SG's biggest problem was fear of accidentally killing Jenny the Bloggess in a bizarre elevator accident? Ah, 2008. The good old days. Now SG has REAL issues.

1. The only network SG's laptop can find is called "USAirway Free WiFi." SG is flying on American. See the problem? How can SG be expected to concentrate while watching out the window to make sure we don't hit another plane?

2. Arriving at BlogHer '08 without an elevator pitch was cute, in a pathetic kind of way. A full year later and still not even sure if I'm Canadian? Way less cute.

3. SG's roommate this year is the mega-adorable Kelcey. Her husband won an Emmy. (1) Last year's roommate Lolita Travelsalot, like SG, still needs an afternoon nap. Kelcey's napping habits are as of yet unknown. Nothing scares SG more than the unknown. Except for USAir jets at 34,000 feet. And clowns.

4. While In Chicago, SG will see two of her best friends from college. Which was twenty two years ago. Now SG feels too old to go to a blogging convention.

5. Before even landing in Chicago, SG has compiled a lengthy list of forgotten items: reading glasses (2), xanax, earrings, and her fancy pink leather business card case. And xanax. Did I mention the xanax?

1) SG meant to tweet that with the hashtag #LameClaimsToFame.
2) Again, making SG too old to go to BlogHer


Inna said...

Sounds like you're having a blast! I'm sure someone there remembered xanax :)

Marinka said...

There's a Xanax sample table right outside of the main ballroom.

MommyTime said...

But you never thought to anticipate some kind of bowling "accident" if you turned out to be too good with the 8lb. ball, did you? See: fears are pointless. You never know what you should really worry about. #dothesebowlingshoesmakemyhairlookgood?

the mama bird diaries said...

so now you know. i don't nap. you were a fantastic roommate. except for that locking me out thing. :)

The Zadge said...

Tell us about BlogHer 09! Must be cool to be surrounded by so many creative and funny chicks!

anymommy said...

LOVED meeting you. Loved it. Didn't even notice the lack of Xanax ;-)

Wendi said...

Hi, Amy! It was so lovely to meet you!

Danielle said...

Thank you for introducing yourself and leading me to your blog! I hope the rest of your trip was as much fun as this post made it sound. :)