Monday, August 17, 2009

It isn't officially a vacation until SG drags the posse someplace massively obscure

This should fit the bill

The original destination was the Maryland Science Center but a traffic jam left ShallowFamily short on time. SG pulled out her magical iphone and did a little quick typing. Someone reviewed the National Electronics Museum on Yelp and claimed it was even better than the Air and Space Museum. (1)

This is NOT your mother's museum.

It's more like if your crazy Aunt Sophie with all the cats had an electronics museum featuring a picture of her betamax. . .

And her gross, vague peanut butter cookie recipe.

The showpiece of the museum was this newfangled invention called (wait me check my notes) a FAX machine.(2)

PCSguy and SG spent several lifetimes minutes trying to send each other faxes but instead fixing paper jams and explaining to the kids that THIS is why you have to get a masters degree so you can pay someone to fix the fucking paper tray. Oh wait. We're on vacation. Someone else can unjam the fucking fax machine.

It's really the only way to start a vacation.

1) Upon closer inspection, we discovered that the review was submitted by the National Electronics Museum's mother.
2) PCSguy claims he remembers when people started using fax machines except the diorama explained that the fax machine was invented in 1843 making PCSguy is substantially older than we thought.


Stimey said...

Dude. Next time call me. I'll give you six better places to go just off the top of my head.

Yelp. Please.

David said...

1843? Maybe the first hamster powered fax. The first office I worked in that got one was in 1988 and that was the kind that had the heat-activated paper on a large roll, like paper towels. The pages were never the same length and they would curl and turn yellow. Awful. And it took forever to transmit. We were so impressed at the time.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Is that Dorkville Maryland you're traveling through? Cuz I would have recommended the Mechanical Pencil Factory. TALK...about FASSSSSinating.

MommyTime said...

This is totally hilarious. I love that you went somewhere recommended by the museum owner's mother. If you are in Madison, WI, anytime soon, may I recommend the Toilet Paper Museum? It's really a can't miss.

the mama bird diaries said...

I can not even tell you how long i've been trying to get to the national electronics museum.