Thursday, August 6, 2009

An invitation I absolutely can refuse and other things that don't warrant a full post

You know how SG is always trying to figure out what kind of blog she wants to write? It's starting to feel a lot like an excuse blog, where once a week SG logs on and tells you the pathetic justification for why she hasn't written that week.

But just you wait. SG has at last count, over a dozen almost-finished posts (1) in her draft folder, saved all for some rainy Saturday.

Or not. Take what you can get. Which today is a bunch of crap kicking around in SG's head.

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This was going to be a Mostly Wordless Wednesday, but as often happens, Wednesday came and went without SG ever actually noticing it was Wednesday.

Last week SG got a picnic invitation from one of her volunteer organizations.

SG doesn't want to alarm you but
she is pretty sure that is blood all over the chicken.

Needless to say, SG is busy that day.
In the category of stupidest conversation ShallowGal had all week that didn't turn into a fight but probably should have:

(SG had asked PCSguy to stop at Trader Joes on the way home from work and pick up some carne asada or beef bulgogi to throw on the grill. Instead PCSguy came home with lamb and some story about the beef being more expensive or poisoned or something.)

PCSguy: Isn't this lamb good?
SG: It is good, but honestly, I was really in the mood for carne asada.
PCSguy: You should have told me, I would have gotten that.
SG: I did tell you that.
PCSguy: No, you said "Get carne asada or bulgogi"
SG: Right. Either would have been fine.
PCSguy: But you didn't say that's what you wanted. You should have been more specific.

SG: What should I have said? (2)
PCSguy: "Get carne asada or bulgogi."
PCSguy: Do you see the difference?

The conversation that tells me I need to spend more time with my 11 year old (3)

Scene: Watching the Yankees / Red Sox game

Jake: Do the batters come in any order or do they just go up as they feel like it?

SG: It's all strategic. Usually the best players go first or second except the guy who hits fourth who you call the clean-up hitter and he's usually a really good hitter
Jake: Does the pitcher know that?
SG: Does the pitcher know what? That Alex Rodriguez is a good hitter?
Jake: Uh-huh.
SG: No, that's our little secret.
Jake: Cool.

1) SG debated telling you the topics and letting you vote in the comments which one to finish first.
2) So I know for next time, in case I get that partial lobotomy I've been eying and send PCSguy to the store again.
3) Who knows less about baseball than VUBOQ if that's even humanly possible.


vuboq said...

VUBOQ may not know baseball, but he can tell you all about pitchers and catchers.

and I think you're the best Canadian blogger in VA!


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I was going to say something pithy until I read vuboq's comment and I got all distracted're a Canadian blogger in VA???

Marinka said...

I can't believe you just blabbed your and Jake's secret all over the internet.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Only over a dozen?

I have 83.

And then forget to post completely.

Cause I suck. And don't understand baseball apparently.

the mama bird diaries said...

i finally understand baseball.

bernthis said...

How old r the kids when we can no longer get away with stuff like that? Please say 30

Kari said...

Dude. I've been staring at that picnic picture for a while now, in an attempt to figure out what the hell it is. That is a whole mess of disgusting.

Cause and Effect said...

I'm impressed you know A-Rod is a good hitter. And I think the Nationals should try the random line-up idea, letting them bat whenever they feel like it. Creative approach.

That is road-kill "chicken", btw. Everyone's serving it at recession-themed picnics, or so I hear.