Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ShallowGal demonstates her mastery of both screenshots and the oval annotation tool

Luckily, SG has decided to use these new powers for good rather than evil.

Sorry, AmVets doesn't want your liver. Try Goodwill.

Because nothing says atonement like a good Agatha Christie paperback.


vuboq said...

I don't think anyone would want my liver. srsly.

Beth said...

After sitting in synagogue all day, I could have used a good Agatha Christie novel.

You are so funny!

The Zadge said...

Maybe the Paperback Swap would take vuboq's liver and Amvets would take her books?

David said...

Somehow the concept of "It's Yom Kippur! Read any good books lately?" cracks me up.

BOSSY said...

What's a book?