Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Begin with the end in mind

First off, thank you so much for the incredibly warm welcome back. I wish I could thank each of you personally, and honestly, since there were only a dozen comments I probably could, but I don't want to set that kind of precedent. What if I hit the big time? It would be like the blogging equivalent of driving you all to the airport. (1) Begin with the end in mind, I always say. (2)

But seriously, thank you. You all were way too kind. (3) Had I known, I would have stopped blogging years ago.

Blogging after a hiatus presents unique challenges. So much happened during my unfortunate incarceration that it's hard to decide what to write about first. We weathered three blizzards. I had a mammogram with a suspicious, but ultimately benign, mass. There were enough earthquakes to make us wonder about the end of days. My kids took TEN snow days, making the end of days look like a pipe dream (4)

Of course, there were good times too. A family vacation in Mexico. A coaster bonanza in Orlando. Eli turned five. We snuggled with a newborn foster baby and hung out with an about-to-be adopted teenager.

But one image stands out from all others. One life-changing, brief glimpse of something that makes one wonder: What is it all about, this thing called life?

Although in this case, it's meat on a stick in a box.

Let me know where to pick up my Pulitzer.

1) For the record, I do occasionally drive PCSguy to the airport. But I charge him $30. Hey! Gas ain't free!
2) I do too always say it, I've already said it twice in this very entry. Exception: Blogging. I usually just sit down and type until I get bored. (I have no clue where I'm going with this entry. Hell, I have no clue where this footnote is headed!)
3)Even Kelly who called me a biatch.

4) FYI: If I were to rank these in terms of disturbance factor, I'd go with (from least to most upsetting) mass, blizzards, earthquakes, snow days.


The Zadge said...

The "and so much more" on that Meat in a Box sign sort of scares me.

Cindy said...

Totally missed your blog posts! And, hey, I'm going to try Meat in a Box one of these days, it's right around the corner from me.

First Time Dad said...

Where is this place? I will definitely plan a visit with the family in tow next time we are in NoVA

Alicia Long said...

Hey girl...looks like I'm just in time to enjoy your comeback since I finally figured out how to follow a blog! BTW, I have TP on my "days until" in App Box Pro. Come see my new blog at

babbler said...

If you like Meat in a box, you will most certainly like Slug on a plate! Feel free to go over to Slugs Rest and check it out, I kid you not, I am offering you an actual Slug on a plate, with the proper garnish, for color ind interest. With love, Mrs. Slug

babbler said...

By the way, I have decided to follow this obviously awesome blog! You rock. Love Mrs. Slug

Stimey said...

Oh no, a mass. I'm so glad it was benign. So scary. Glad you're back.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

So glad that the mass ended up being benign. Even though you spelled my name wrong.