Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I went to 3 birthday parties this weekend and all I got was these 2 lousy pictures.

I really don't want to drop names (BOSSY!) but I had the most fabulous weekend (VUBOQ!) and got to hang out with the coolest people (DAVID!)

And I have the photographic evidence to prove it.

Here I have lined my drinks up shortest to tallest.
Trust me, it was
really funny at the time. (1)

I took this one on the way home
because apparently I'm a tourist.

Satisfied? No wait! Really! I was there! Here let's look at some, ahem, borrowed pictures of the festivities.

How adorable is the birthday boy? Answer: very!

Here Bossy is either warning me to stay away from her gays
or begging me to be her roommate at Mom 2.0 next year.

Possibly both at the same time, there was a lot of whiskey involved.

There's my husband standing next to David
while David auditions for a beer commercial.

The guy on the left is VUBOQs uber-awesome brother, who needs to come back to DC cause I have the greatest woman to introduce to him.

This weekend was also Jake's twelfth birthday. (2) There are zero pictures of that because his party included girls and I spent the whole party acting like I wasn't eavesdropping and I suck at multi-tasking. Being the stud his father is raising him to be, Jake sat at the movie between his girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend.

Too bad Larry didn't answer the pay phone over at the Regal Beagle cause Jake really could have used his help.

Our third birthday party was for the kids skating coach and can you even imagine the hell to pay if I told you I took dozens of pictures of that one?

1) Honestly, is there anything more annoying than people talking about things that were funny when they were drunk?
2) But his social media skills suck, so he gets second billing.


vuboq said...

Great Social Media Skills FTW!!! Yay!

I am so glad you came to the party. Can't wait until we hang out again.


The Zadge said...

Great - just as I move out of D.C., the par-tay comes to D.C.!

Ann's Rants said...

I find it BEYOND BIZARRE that I just commented on this same night over at Bossy's.


What is going on? I am so tuned into VUBOQ's energy?

Isn't that a lesbian sci-fi YA vampire book? "VUBOQ's Energy"

Keyona said...

I've totally been working on my eavesdropping skillz now. She's 6, I'll be good by the time she's 12.

whymommy said...

Sounds awesome!