Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to do a science experiment, ShallowGal style

This post is written to honor Susan, aka WhyMommy, who is simultaneously the smartest and the strongest woman I know. Kick some cancer ass Susan!

Not to put too fine a point on it, but really, I think we can all agree that all science experiments boil down into one of 2 camps:

1) Those conducted with mentos and diet coke
2) Those conducted without mentos and diet coke.

And I'm sure you can guess where I pitched my virtual tent.

Purpose of experiment: Show Susan how much we love her by comparing the reaction of mentos with diet coke as compared to the reaction of mentos with generic diet soda.

Hypothesis: That somebody will have a meltdown before the end of this experiment. Probably Noa. And that kids will want to eat the mentos. Also I'll taste the remaining diet coke and decided that with a little rum, it's still drinkable. Yes those are all hypothesis. Hypothesi? Hypothesises? (1) And that generic diet cola will not have as big a reaction cause honestly, it tastes more like diet pepsi than diet coke. (2) Hey! Can one of you kids go run to the 7-11 and buy diet pepsi, cause coke vs pepsi would be a better experiment. What do you mean you're only five? You know where the 7-11 is. Yes, the place where Mommy buys lottery tickets. It's not too far. No I have to stay here and guard the mentos. Fine. We'll save that experiment for next year's science fair.

Observation: That sure enough, all of the kids wanted to eat the mentos. And upon realizing they were the mint flavored ones, they spit them out. And stuck them in the generic cola before I had my camera ready, and created only a mini-geyser, thus ruining the entire experiment. And resulting in a mass meltdown.

Conclusion: Mentos/diet coke science is way harder than you think. (3)

1) C'mon Spell-check, a little help here.
2) Or diet shasta. Remember that crap?
3) Still, I expect at least a ribbon since I properly followed the Hypothesis / observation / conclusion model.


Magpie said...

Damn. I was hoping for pictures.

Stimey said...

Excellent work! But you didn't tell us what happened with the genuine Diet Coke. Other than you got drunk on it and then sat your kids on phone books in the drivers seat of your car and had them drive to 7-11 for inferior soda.

I don't care. I'm doing this experiment. But I'm buying fruity mentos.

Thank you so much for participating in the science fair!!

the mama bird diaries said...

I was really hoping you would use Tab.

MarathonMom said...

LOL. Yeah, I wanted TAB!

They still make that shit too.

That should be part of the Obama healthcare plan - eradication of crap diet sodas. Contact your state senator to add to the list!

Wendi said...

I hope no Diet Coke was injured or taken advantage of during this experiment.

JavaMom said...

Absolutely hysterical! I'm just not sure I will ever give up my precious Diet Coke for the cause. Maybe my mother-in-law's Diet Pepsi though....

The Peltons said...

Tab, what a treat that was when we got to taste mom's. Awesome experiment. We got one of the explosion kits and the kid set it all up and I made him stand way back, while my husband yelled incoherent instructions and it went pffft, nothin'
Thank goodness he bought a case of mentos so we could do it again :)

whymommy said...

I just don't even know what to say to this.


Pass the mentos, kids.