Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alaska: Kid tested, ShallowGal approved

ShallowGal had a plan. She was going to journal her way thru Alaska and then make each day a separate blog entry, complete with photographs and interesting facts about that day's port. (1)

Wouldn't it be funny if I were really like that? Please. We've been home eight days and are still only half unpacked. Journal schmirnl.

Exactly eleven words were written on the first flight from DC to Chicago. (2) Then one of the kids lost my pen. Hey at $25 a suitcase, how many pens would you suggest I pack? I thought so.

Had ShallowGal not become obsessed with this (very trite) title, that would probably be that for Alaska. But alas, SG has a title, now we need an entry that matches.

So let's see what ShallowGal's kids liked about Alaska.

Eli's highlights:

"I saw a showgirl but her not wear her pink hat. Also I saw a bear climb down a tree. And I love Johanna the violinist. Can she come play blocks with me in my room? But not Noa, just Johanna the violinist."

Smile now Showgirl cause without that hat your days at #1 are limited.

Fact: The only reason to take your three year old to Alaska is if you lack the photoshop skills to add him into the pictures later and you want to avoid the therapist bills. Because honestly? He'd be just as happy going to the instrument store and listening to a 21 year old Austrian play the violin.

He's a real music lover, that one.

Eli was quite the on board sensation. Johanna the violinist (3) even told us that she didn't even want kids until she met Eli. Like I want that on my head.

(Of course it's nicer than what the neighborhood moms say, which is that they love for their daughters to babysit Eli because it's the best birth control ever. Nice.)

ShallowGal has much more to say (surprise!) but Blogger is being funky so let's post this and continue tomorrow. See you then !

1) Like the fact that sunrise was 3:48 am when we were in Skagway.
2) Really good words too like ambidextrous and omniscient.
3) Which according to Eli is her full legal name.

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