Monday, June 23, 2008

Just when ShallowGal thought she couldn't get any prouder

An added bonus to being swimmer of the week is increased protection from being
accidentally shot while hunting with Dick Cheney.

As predicted, Noa DQ'd on both her breast stroke and her butterfly. Actually the exact words the stroke and turn judge used was " there isn't enough room on this sheet to write all the ways Noa DQ'd on her fly."

When the girls all lined up to swim, Noa was a full foot and a half smaller than the girls on either side of her. You could hear people talking; looking at the meet sheet, trying to figure out why the girl in lane 5 was so short.

But bless her little heart, she finished that race. It took almost 100 seconds and it was none too pretty but she touched that wall with the biggest smile I've ever seen. And the crowd went wild.

Over the next six weeks, ShallowGal will have much to say about the politics that take place on Northern Virginia swim teams.
(2) But for today, all is good.

1) Luckily the meet sheet lists the swimmers ages, since it doesn't indicate if they're midgets.
2) Or maybe not since SG wants her readers to stay readers. No more swim team talk !


countrymouse said...

Oh hell no! Don't hold out! Your readers want to hear all about swim politics : ) I am seriously fascinated with the whole sports/kids/parents/politics subject. Having been there myself once upon a time, I'd love to hear someone else's take on it.

Anonymous said...

She is not even mine and I want to scream it from the roof top!