Friday, February 13, 2009

It's time for a little game

Q: Can you guess the theme of Eli's birthday party? I'll give you a hint:

Not shown: Kung Fu Panda goody bags and Go Diego Go streamers.

It's "I'm a third child, I'm lucky to have a party at all"

With all the money we saved recycling paper goods from parties past, we invited his preschool class to the nature center this Sunday. There we're going to pet a turtle, make a bird feeder and eat cake. That reminds me, we need candles; there's a bag of them somewhere:

One day someone will explain the purpose of the candle holders to me

Since Eli isn't 6, 7, 9, or 67, 76 or 796 this year, we'll go with the question mark. Even though anyone who came within 100 miles of him today knows he's four. There were 4 matching white candles but I used them on the cake that he and I made together for dinner tonight.

In my own defense, he requested a Christmas fun-fetti cake.(1)

Happy Birthday Eli !

PS: I tried repeatedly to think of a clever way to link to the post about Eli's third birthday but could not. You people are onto all my tricks.

1) I believe the exact discussion went something like this:
"We have a Christmas fun-fetti mix"

"I want chocolate"

"It's fun-fetti or nothing"



cw2smom said...

LOL! At least you are doing your small part to repurpose and reuse..saving the landfills. Love the cake! FunFetti sounds yummy to me! Happy Birthday to your son! Have a great weekend! Blessings and laughs, Lisa

Rachel said...

Happy birthday, Eli! I was going to guess the theme was "whatever paper supplies we have leftover in the cupboard". We've done that theme a few times ourselves! :)

the mama bird diaries said...

happy bday to eli! I like the recycling effort. Funny and sensitive to the earth.

Stimey said...

He's just lucky that his birthday isn't two weeks away from your second child, as is the case in my family. I make them share a party. I'm the worst mom in the world. Happy Birthday, #3!

heartatpreschool said...

Candleholders: so you don't get any wax on the cake, while you spit all over it by blowing out said candles.

countrymouse said...

You are the *best mother evah!* My 23 year old son totally screwed up and was born 3 weeks after Christmas. His birthday theme is usually "Geez, Mom, it's April--are we going to have a cake or something yet?"

sista #2 said...

LOL I love the theme! Been there, done that!


I'm Julie said...

You are a WAY better mom than me.

My eldest had a birthday in August. STILL have not thrown that kid a party. He recently asked if I would throw him an 11-1/2 birthday party, since I blew it on the 11 year old party. I said, How about we plan something massive for your 12th and we can just drop it until then? He agreed and see? Sometimes its kinda nice that my kids have very low expectations for me.

If you chop off the bottom of that 9 candle, and then flip it over, it will look like a 4. I would try it.

Kelley said...

You are a good mumma.

I would be all 'shut up and be thankful I feed you. Occasionally'

Beth said...

Hilarious! And did Eli cut his cake with a spoon?

My children had to share several birthday parties as their birthdays were 6 days apart. Really. Who could expect me to ruin two weekends in a row.

And then I started telling them how much money a party would cost and what would be left over for a gift and if you don't have the party then you can have all the money and mommy can just sit here and drink the box o' wine. They always went for the money. Proud of those greedy guys.

dizzblnd said...

awwwwww too cute. HAppy B-day Eli.. your cake looks yummy

David said...

Family discussions are always so even-handed.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Just glad we are not the only ones who do this. My daughter had a pricess-football-winterwonderlandcyrstal-star wars.

And it all worked fine.

With a red plastic table cloth.

And blue forks.

Donna O said...

It's not just the 3rd child, when Jack (our oldest) turned "11" in January, I looked for appropriate candles for his cake in the kitchen junk drawer and found two "7's" and quickly sawed off the tops to make "11". I thought it was quite creative. Happy Birthday, Eli. I'm wondering if your Mom is still referring to you as "the Baby"....