Monday, February 2, 2009

Will Blog for Swag

ed note: ShallowGal cannot take any credit for the title. It was originally written by SG's former IRL BFF (1) for a joint blogging venture before (2) she got sidetracked by her conservative agenda. We aren't holding that against her, but we also aren't linking to her new project. Hey SG? Passive aggressive much?

It recently occurred to ShallowGal that she needed a swag policy. Because let's get one thing clear; SG started blogging solely for the swag. The creative outlet, awesome friends and sense of community were certainly nice perks but ultimately SG is all about the free crap.

So all you captains of industry, listen up ! If you want a critique of your wares go ahead and send them. ShallowGal and posse (3) will check them out and if we like it, write up a review. If we don't like it, we won't say anything. So you can pretty much be guaranteed no bad press on

Which considering SG has been known to review movies she hasn't even seen, is a pretty good deal all around.

The flip side: ShallowGal's readers are very smart, and just a wee bit suspicious. So when there's no review for, say, an iphone or a Wii Fit, they'll have no choice but to assume you sent it to me and it sucked. Fair enough?

Hey now, blackmail is such an ugly word. Here at ShallowGal we prefer incentivized. Or for the conservatives coming over here to gawk: misunderestimated.

1) Apparently SG is really 13 and texting her blog from her little pink phone
2) b/4
3) if appropriate. SG will also do review grown-up swag sans the posse.


The Panic Room said...

has anyone ever been sent a car to blog about? If not I am going to make that my goal. Just keep writing to car companies to send me a car to blog about to my mass audience of 130 people. Totally worth it right?

vuboq said...

vuboq was sent a phone once (remember?) ... but then he had to send it back. I mean, really? what's the point?

Once I find a job and become a Captain of Industry, I will definitely send you swag to review!


David said...

re: The Panic Room,

Bossy got - let's see if I can remember them all - four cars from Saturn, a camper from Viking, and various husbands.

I'm Julie said...

I have always wondered how Bossy got those cars. To be honest, it was when she took that road trip that I decided to start blogging. Apparently you also need talent.


SG this was maybe your funniest EVER!! The guys at Wii are shaking in their boots right now.

the mama bird diaries said...

"Or for the conservatives coming over here to gawk: misunderestimated."


Philly said...

Yeah, how can I get a freeking car?
I really would like to review photoshop.