Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Famous people SG saw, semi-famous people SG met and not at all famous people SG fell in love with

Although ShallowGal was certainly tempted to drag out this post into 3 separate posts, she kindly consolidated it into one very long and fairly dull post. Which frees up the rest of her week to also not blog. You're very welcome.

Part 1) Famous People SG Saw

Friday night, ShallowGal went to the place where one goes in New York to see famous people ~ a Knicks game.

ShallowGal discovered a use for both her new Nikon camera lens
and the "annotate" function on Preview

Spike Lee wasn't there but SG did spot John Leguizamo, Chloe Sevigny, and Michael Rapaport.

ShallowGal was distracted during halftime, so she isn't entirely sure what happened to Leguizamo.

Admit it, you'd be distracted too.

When the game resumed, John had been replaced by the uber-adorable Ciara. Who SG had honestly never heard of, but now wants to adopt.

ShallowGal also saw Justin Tuck from the Giants and Bucky Dent from the Yankees. (1)

Part 2) Semi famous People that SG Met

Marinka. And Husbandrinka. And not only did SG meet them, she learned the real reason Husbandrinka doesn't read Marinka's blog (2) And then she pet Nicki the cat. And (yes there's more!) SG actually went shopping for her much ballyhooed brownie pan with Marinka. (3) Does it sound like I'm bragging? Cause I totally am. (4)

Part 3) Not-at-all famous People SG Met

Her father's girlfriend Jessara. (5) Who SG loved. No, not loved. Loved, Loved, Loved. And wants her father to marry and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, Jessara lives, I kid you not, on the border of Brazil and Uruguay which is roughly an 11 hour commute from my father's midtown apartment. Which, considering he doesn't even like to date women in Queens, is a bit of a haul.

1) But Bucky pissed me off so no picture of him.
2) Spell check HATED that sentence on so many levels. But I'm pretty durn sure that's how you spell doesn't.
3) Oddly enough, spell check had no problem with ballyhooed, even when SG originally typed it Ballywhoed. Is this the April fools Day virus I keep hearing about?
4) And SG got Marinka's cell phone number and sent her incessant text messages the entire drive home.
5) SG also learned that her father occasionally reads her blog. Which is weird cause she never even told him she had a blog. Hi Dad!


vuboq said...

ShallowGal has all the fun.

the mama bird diaries said...

You got to pet Nicki the cat?!! This is BS. I live blocks from Marinka and I've never seen that damn cat. Now I'm pissed.

Marinka said...

I can't believe that Nicki is only "semi-famous" to you.

country mouse said...

(1) What did Bucky do to piss you off?

(2) What is the real reason Husbandrinka doesn't read Marinka's blog? Don't tell me I have to click on that hyperlink thingy. Because really? I'm just too lazy.

Heather, Queen of Shake Shake said...

You met Marinka? I think I hate you now.

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