Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Less Words Wednesday

Because Stimey worried that she had the weirdest three year old (1+2)

1)Not pictured: camouflage rain boots. Never mind that it wasn't raining. Or the jungle. And there's little to no chance he's blending in with his surroundings anyway.
2) School. He was dressed up for school. You can't even imagine the outfits that get worn for hanging around the house.


vuboq said...

Maybe if you didn't make him ride around in a cowprint kidseat, he'd be less apt to don the goggles?

Just a thought. I *heart* you both. [and i'm sure i'd *heart Spawn #1 and #2 if i ever met them]

Becca said...

I think he has an impeccable fashion sense. ^_^

teri said...

You realize some of his classmates might have sensory issues, right? Just sayin' ;-).

Sue said...

I think I love him!!

Stimey said...

I have to say, I kinda agree with vuboq on the cowprint.

We really should get our two guys together. They could compete for king of the loony bin.

the sits girls said...

We love creative kids outfits! They make for the best photos. He's adorable.

sista #2 said...

LOLOOLOOLOL I am peeing my pants!!!


texasholly said...

You totally need the rain boots when wearing goggles.