Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When ShallowGal throws a party

ShallowGal THROWS . . .

Count em, FOUR different moonbounces

A . .
popcorn, cotton candy and sno cones.


Yes Virginia, there is a beer truck.

We're not talking those lame events she puts on for her own flesh and blood to celebrate their birthdays; we're talking about a party for 500 total strangers to celebrate some random building getting new hardwood floors.

Let's compare. For Eli's third birthday we borrowed the private dining room of Alzheimer Grandma's nursing home and ate pizza while coloring Diego pictures downloaded from NickJr.com. Even more depressing than his second birthday. Luckily there's no photographic evidence. (1)

For the random building, ShallowGal spent an entire summer planning the carnival shown above.

In my own defense, what does a three year old need with a beer truck?

But just in case, could someone photoshop a cake with three candles into a picture for me? Maybe the one with the four moonbounces?

On a completely unrelated note, I have finished planning Jake's Bar Mitzvah. It will be held in the parking lot, with a beer truck, moonbounces and sno cones. Considering the alternative, I suspect he'll jump at it. (2)

1) Which makes me sound like a better mother, if I forgot the camera or if I thought the entire affair was too depressing to record for posterity? Cause that's why there are no pictures.

2) Get it, Jump at it? Moonbounces? Yeah, I doubt Jake will feel very punny about it either.


Stimey said...

That party would have been even better if there were something other than Bud Light in that truck. Still beer. Not Bud Light.

Did you moon bounce?

ShallowGal said...

Stimey: I'm not a Bud light fan either but after the first 2, they're fine. And after 3 kids would you moon bounce? (But I did Bungee Run!)

xoxo, SG

Anonymous said...

Wait one minute here...SG told me that was Heineken I was drinking from that Bud cup.

sista #2 said...

Beer truck...and I wasn't invited.....geez.

Looks like a good time was had!!!!


Sherry said...

My birthday's in eleven days. Can you give me the number for the moon bounce and beer truck? I'll back the truck up to the moon bounce and stay there until Halloween. ;)

Leanne said...

I am SOOO getting a beer truck for my next kid's birthday party. Brilliant! Oh, she's under age? I guess I'll have to drink her share.