Thursday, September 11, 2008

When in doubt, wordle

ShallowGal originally intended to share all the intimate details of her lunch date today with VUBOQ. Because between VUBOQ and SG, some very deep thoughts were thunk. Ancient mysteries were solved. Wonders of the world debunked. Sparkly beverages consumed.

Plus SG has some great pictures taken by her three year old.

He's short, sue me.

My, ShallowGal, what big hands you have.

Enough pictures, let's create beautiful word clouds from my blog. You know, wordle.

Please note the conspicuous product placement by Kraft. Other oddities: the name of only one of her three spawn but the inclusion of the names Harry, Jonas and Hannah. SG doesn't even know a Harry, a Hannah or a Jonas.

This makes ShallowGal wonder: Can you judge a blog by it's wordle? (1)

(Guys, I'd love to help you figure this out but the kids want dinner and there's all this laundry. But science needs me. One can't just throw a hypothesis out there and leave it to die. Fine, real quick, let's put our heads together and think of some bloggers.)

Remember back in July ShallowGal crashed some party? And then it turned out that the host was Guy Kawasaki, and PCSguy was all "did you tell him about me?" Guy has a blog and it's written in geek.

His wordle to the contrary, Guy throws one heck of a party.

At BlogHer, ShallowGal heard about some chick named Dooce who had a blog too.

Apparently this Dooce is some kind of shepardess. (2)

1) Note to ShallowGal, from ShallowGal: Knock off the late night Sex in the City re-runs.
2) SG should really ask Jenny the Bloggess if it's too soon for Dooce jokes.


vuboq said...

at least there is now evidence of the totally cute (practically new) messenger bag :-)


Stimey said...

I'm impressed that you take your three-year-old out during the day. I shut mine in my house and only let him out to get the paper off the driveway.

I'm Julie said...

Funny and Funnier went out for lunch, and those are all the details we get???

And I am SO getting a wordle. Just like the cool kids.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Can you judge a blog by its Wordle? Good one!