Thursday, July 17, 2008

Three bloggers went to San Francisco and all they got

was one lousy photo.

You'd think that 3 bloggers traveling a combined 10,000 miles
would maybe think to bring a camera.

Oh and a shitload of swag that we got from crashing Guy Kawasaki's party.

Here's how it went down. Lolita Travelsalot, Annie and I came back from our exotic bus tour of San Francisco (1) and saw a woman holding a sign in the lobby that said "Kirtsy/ Alltop party shuttle." ShallowGal went up to her room and googled "Why was I not invited to Guy Kawasaki's party?" And Google said "because you're a pathetic idiot who still doesn't have an elevator pitch."

We climbed into bed and pouted for a half an hour. Then Lolita piped up with "what if we put on some black eyeliner and go?" Should we? Hell yeah. The party ended in an hour so we gave ourselves ten minutes to get dressed.

So four days later (2) we boarded the shuttle bus. Turns out the party is at Guy's house. Turns out Guy actually lives in Oregon. (3)

By the time we get there, we are bloggers badly in need of a drink. Sneaking past the sign-in desk, we head directly to the bar. And the person in line in front of us turns around and I kid you not, it is Guy Kawasaki.

He thanks us for coming and we introduce ourselves. He takes our cards but doesn't have any to hand out. They're in his office. You know, along with the guest list. And the secret button to release the hounds. He'll go get some and be right back.

And to add insult to injury, the bar is only serving lemonade and sparkling water.

Eventually Lolita sniffs out some wine (4) and after pounding a few glasses we get back on the shuttle bus. With our awesome swag bags. Which I can't show you because it will ruin the surprise come Christmas.

BlogHer '08 Day 1: Dim sum, landmark viewing , crashing famous people's party. All in all a success. (5)

1) SG flagged down a public bus and asked if they were going near the ocean and for $1.50 each we saw all of San Francisco. As long as you define all of San Francisco as Japantown and the Merwyns on Geary street. But we saw the ocean. Or the bay. So we're happy.
2)Rooming with 2 beauty bloggers has a ton of perks. Speed in getting ready is not one of them.
3) Or Palo Alto. But it's far. And I want to protect him from my stalkers.
4) It's a gift.
5) At this point any day at BlogHer where nobody ends up in jail will be considered a success.


sista #2 said...

Never go anywhere without a camera !!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH


vuboq said...

I love SF! Hope you are learning lots. Have you seen BOSSY? What's her hair look like in person???

I wasn't going to the Nats game, b/c I didn't think I'd know anyone there. But, since you're going, I'll go, too!


Amy said...

Sista #2: So much for SG's theory that all you really need when you travel is a credit card.

Vuboq- Bossy's hair looks Fabu ! Less blond than in that picture. She sends her love !

xoxo, SG

Stimey said...

You bussed all the way to the middle of nowhere for lemonade and sparkling water? Oh, Guy.

There was totally free booze at the people's party.