Wednesday, July 9, 2008

PCSguy knows how to treat a girl right

Do you guys remember the birthday that PCSguy gave me tic tacs?

The anniversary we bought a dishwasher ? (1)

The Valentine's Day I got a custom novelty tee shirt?

All is forgiven.

ShallowGal will be bringing two of these four things to BlogHer next week. I'll give you a hint; not the tee shirt.

1) which FYI I now officially hate.


Code Name... Mom said...

LOL.. you have a relationship like mine. I love it! Plus... I'm married to a PC guy.... builds all our own PC's ... and keeps upgrading and maintaining.... I'm a simple girl after all ;)

vuboq said...

Now, we can look forward to SuperFun leSG posts from BlogHer. YayZ!

First Time Dad said...

Much respect to CJG for the inspired purchase. Any non Mac laptop would have never have flown at this event...

Also SG - FTM and FTD are somewhat frazzled after their eventual arrival to Ireland. Any good stories for us on how best to control/manage your off-spring through the maze of airports/passport control etc?