Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A very Shallow dishwasher review

So ShallowGal did it. She finally broke down and purchased our fourth dishwasher in nine years. It's a Kenmore Elite (#16302) made by Bosch. It has a stainless steel interior and was available in bisque.

PCSguy made her do it, as much as PCSguy makes ShallowGal do anything. He told her it could be their anniversary present.

It took fifteen years but his romantic spirit has finally been broken.

Lest you also be in the market for discontinued dishwashers, ShallowGal is pleased to present her review of the new one. This is possibly even better than ShallowGal's movie reviews because ShallowGal actually owns and uses the dishwasher. (1)

PCSguy claims the obvious comparison is to the old dishwasher but that doesn't really make sense. That one was a Maytag and this one is a Kenmore. It's like comparing, well, Maytags and Kenmores. (2)

But one cannot compare a dishwasher in a vacuum, nor can one compare their dishwasher TO a vacuum. It simply isn't done. And heaven forbid ShallowGal evaluate something based solely on it's merits.

After much thought ShallowGal has come up with the perfect solution. We will compare the dishwasher to the Wii. As you no doubt remember ShallowGal originally spent the dishwasher money on the Wii. And they're both bisque. (3) It's the perfect analogy.

Issue #1:

The dishwasher smells kind of fishy sometimes. Apparently that's because there's no heated dry and there's no disposal. Cleaning the filter helps, as does leaving the door ajar.

The Wii doesn't smell at all. Nor does it require daily maintenance.

Point goes to the Wii.

Issue #2:

My dishes don't fit that well in my new dishwasher.

But they don't fit at all in the Wii.

Point (but just barely): Dishwasher.

Issue #3:

The Wii gives me constructive feedback on my mad dancing skillz. (4)

In reality SG gets a 9 combo on beginner while the MC screams "you're in danger!"

The dishwasher lights up to tell me when my dishes have been sterilized but it always feels like it's being slightly condescending about it. Like "I've washed and sterilized your dishes for you while you've been writing that pathetic little blog of yours. How's that going by the way?"

We can call this one a tie.

Issue #4:

The dishwasher was supposed to come with a $135 rebate in installation but later Sears reneged and decided to only send me $35. After much negotiation (5) they agreed to send me an additional $64.

The Wii was part of a special Costco promotion and came with a bonus numchuk.

Point: Wii

ShallowGal's Bottom Line:

The dishwasher is adequate. It's very quiet and looks nice in the kitchen. ShallowGal does feel strongly that her next dishwasher (6) should have a heated dry. Still, the Wii was definitely a better buy.

As always, this was ShallowGal and I'm here to help.

1) Now that ShallowGal has 100+ posts, I decided this endless linking back to myself was justified. Even if it does drive Tracy batshit.
2) I'd like to see if we can make that an actual saying.
3) Except for the Wii.
3) Yeah, I'm not buying it from me either but it was worth trying on.
5) Read: "You're fucking with the wrong PMS stricken ex-attorney with nothing better to do than sit here and argue this point."
6) In 2 years, no doubt.


vuboq said...

If a Wii is not bisque, what color is it?

Totally love your Shallow reviews!

Holy Crappers said...

No heated drying? Never heard of such of thing!

Sista #1

Stimey said...

First of all, Costco has Wiis? I gotta get me to Costco. Second of all, it comes with a what-chuk?