Thursday, May 8, 2008

ShallowGal helps cure cancer

According to Blogger(1) this is my 100th post. ShallowGal has been up all night wrangling over an appropriate topic to commemorate this milestone.

And ultimately I decided to talk about the new pink tic tacs. The ones you can only buy at WalMart. (2) OMG you guys, you have to try them.

C'mon. After 99 posts you didn't see that one coming? Seriously? Ninety-nine days of babbling on about nothing and poof, on day 100 you think they'll be substance behind this boilerplate template?

Seriously guys, these are the best tic tacs ever. Even Bleaker would trade in his orange ones for these pink grapefruit ones.

I'd totally given up on tic tacs too. I'm not a big fan of peppermint or spearmint to begin with. The cinnamon ones turned my fingers red. And for all those years they advertised themselves as the 1 1/2 calorie breath mint and then it turns out they're actually 1.9 calories. No wonder I can't lose this weight.

But ShallowGal has a thing for anything pink grapefruit flavored. She survived her entire first trimester of pregnancy with Eli on Giant's store brand of pink grapefruit soda. Giant didn't even sell it by the case, ShallowGal actually had to stand in front of the soda machine plugging in pocketfuls of quarters.

Don't judge me. He's totally my smartest kid so maybe I'm onto something. (3)

Plus look what my new idol Rochelle made with them:

If SG started today and worked straight thru she could have enough for all 3 kids
to hand out to their class on Valentine's Day. In 2013.

Best of all, a donation of $25,000 from the sale of these new TicTac mints will go to CancerCare to support people affected by a cancer diagnosis.

So you get a great candy, support a good cause and ShallowGal's 100th post title gets to be self serving and accurate. Everybody wins. (4)

1) Who has no reason to lie about it, so I will take it at its word. You're welcome to go back and count though, I have a hard time believing it too.
2) I can't even think of a plausible excuse why I was there. I just was.
3) Then again I ate nothing but chocolate pop tarts with Noa and we all know how that turned out.
4) Except all the mom and pop stores squashed by the corporate Goliath that is WalMart. But SG may actually forgive WalMart for as long as they carry this flavor.


vuboq said...

Just $25K? That seems kind of a lame donation from a corporation which makes MILLIONS/day. I guess something is better than nothing though.

Have you tried Whole Foods 365 Brand Natural Italian Soda Pink Grapefruit Flavor? OMG! Delicious! Esp. when mixed with Absolut Ruby Red.

Me? Alcoholic much? Never.

Congrats on a totally brill 100th post. *smooches*

Amy said...

VUBOQ ! That's my favorite soda !

I'm not sure that tic tacs is making millions a day,but I agree it's a pretty chintzy donation. I actually cut and pasted that paragraph out of their press release but took out the word "generous" (So it isn't actually plagiarism.)

Thanks for such a nice comment. xoxo, SG

Stimey said...

Were the Tic Tacs cold? Is that why they needed cozies?

countrymouse said...

I don't drink nearly enough. Anytime I see vuboq posting ANY COMBINATION OF BOOZE I want to run right out and try it . . . until I remember I really just don't drink . . . I don't have time to, what with all my other bad habits, like hanging out at Wal-Mart just *waiting* for blog material to jump into my cart . . .

But wait, this was supposed to be about you : ) Happy 100th ; )