Monday, May 12, 2008

ShallowGal takes NYC. Again

You know that old saying "The squeaky wheel gets the grease?" In our house that squeaky wheel has a name.

We call her Noa.

If you were to actually record my life minute to minute (1) you'd see a child / attention breakdown as such: Noa 45% / Eli 40% / Jake 15%.

Not too shabby for a middle child.

Poor Jake. I'd say the most commonly heard words in this house are "Hold on Jake." Kid can't get a word in edgewise besides his Chatty-Cathy of a sister. Not for lack of trying, I must say.

Ironically Jake is the child most like me; geeky and socially awkward with an off-the-wall sense of humor. We love library bag sales and the walrus bucket saga. The only thing I don't get about him is his preference of vanilla to chocolate but hey, what can you do?

That said, I was shocked when his teacher chose Jake, out of 50 kids, to be the fourth grade representative for the gifted and talented panel. I mean I love him and all but the kid does tend to babble on a bit. I was even more shocked when I was asked to be the fourth grade parent representative. (2) I figured the teacher must have sensed greatness in me, based on the three e-mails I've sent this year, each time explaining why I can't chaperone a field trip. (3)

Turns out Jake is an excellent public speaker. Concise. Funny. Even knew how to work the microphone. ShallowGal sat there and tried to figure out what smelled like souvlaki. (4) Jake was picked for his way with words, ShallowGal was selected because she has a car and was going to be there anyway.

ShallowGal got an email from Jake the other day. (Yes, my ten year old who lives down the hall needed to send me an email. I'm telling you, you've never heard a wheel squeak so loudly) He changed his signature from "future president" to "Future Proggramer" (sic) His career goals changed and I learned it in an email.

That's why ShallowGal is so excited for this trip to New York. Her companion this month is Jake.

Even though Noa & I are so different, planning her trip to New York was a no-brainer. American Girl Doll Store. Lion King on Broadway. Bloomingdales, Saks, Tiffanys.

But what do 10 year old boys like? (5) ShallowGal is on the case.

1) Please don't.
2) Being as I can count the number of times I've stepped foot in that school on one hand. Hey, I have three kids in three schools, don't judge me.
3) I don't like kids and I get bus sick.
4) My bra. I know, WTF?
5) Besides 10 year old girls? Budumbump.


countrymouse said...

Omigosh--I don't like kids too! Will the similarities between us never cease? Are we really the same person? Are we one highly schizophrenic being with two distinctly exactly alike personalities (except that one is *unfairly* much older than the other?)

You and your son are going to have a *fabulous* relationship as he gets older : ) Oh--and soon you'll graduate to texting each other even if you're sitting on the same couch . . .

vuboq said...

I suppose he's too young to take to all the fun gay bars? If not, I have few recommendations ...

Another of PCSGuy's minions said...

Probably the same thing 8 year old boys like in NYC...World Nintendo Store, touring NBC Studios and The Blue Man Group show. Have a blast!