Saturday, May 10, 2008


And the question is: How many people will walk up to this scene and ask "Are you having a yard sale today?"

PSCguy likes to answer "No we just thought it was a nice day
to take all our crap out for some air."

A yard sale seemed an appropriate way to spend today, the 4rth anniversary of my 29th birthday. (1) Gifts so far: 4 boxes of pink grapefruit tic tacs from PCSguy (2), some wildflower seeds in a Mother's Day card from Noa and a dozen donuts from my neighbors.

The original rationale behind this yard sale was to get Millie to clean out her gosh-darn basement. She contributed exactly one box of, um, stuff maybe? Of which exactly not one thing sold. Let's see why.

Nearest we can tell it's a cutting board depicting the evolution of fish

It's the 35th anniversary of this tie rack's trip from the tie rack factory.
Making it, say it with me, also older than Maggie.

Other notable yard sale occurrence: The woman dressed head to toe in hot pink who bought yarn, 2 staplers and a fairy princess wand and paid with the following poem:

Two skunks went to church and they were blue

Because they had to sit in their own pew.

At the end of the day we cleared $132 tax free dollars (3) with eleven boxes of freshly aired stuff leftover to be picked up Friday by purple heart.

1) No, I'm not 33, you forgot about the 2nd anniversary of my 35th birthday and the six years my birthday wasn't even on the calendar cause it fell on a leap year which makes me 74, I think.
2) Who at 7 pm last night looked at the calender, looked at his watch and said "Oh crap, I need to go to WalMart real quick."
3) plus one poem.


countrymouse said...

A dozen doughnuts--oh hell yes! And since it's the anniversary of your 29th birthday, you don't have to share ONE FREAKING DOUGHNUT. True story.

Happy doughnut day : )

BOSSY said...

Bossy gets the chills thinking about getting rid of stuff. In a good way. Except she's not getting rid of anything. So would that make it in a bad way?

First Time Dad said...

This is the weekend CJG that we never get to see. Dude - let me just say I *FEEL* your pain, more than you know....

Maggie said...

Tie racks have only been around for 35 years?!?! That's just crazy!

Haasiegirl said...

yeah, 4 boxes of tick tacks? I would have killed him