Thursday, May 29, 2008

ShallowGal tempts fate and loses

Last month ShallowGal told you about how every time Target runs a coupon for a $10 gift card with new prescription, someone gets sick. This week SG saw that coupon and decided to tempt fate by not cutting out it out.

Fact: ShallowGal likes living on the edge.

So obviously today Noa had a singing accident.

Which word didn't you understand? Noa got hurt in music class.

Here's how it went down. The first grade was singing the following song: (1)

Penny nickel dime
Penny nickel dime
Quarter half dollar
Quarter half dollar
one five ten
one five ten
twenty five fifty.

Catchy right?

Noa was holding a large cardboard penny. Her job was to hold it up for the class to see at the appropriate time. Only apparently she missed her target (2) and instead gouged her own eye out.

Now here's something you might not know yet about ShallowGal.(3) She has major eye issues. Remember the scene in Charlie Wilson's War, where Julia Roberts was fixing her mascara with a safety pin? Could not watch. ShallowGal will take the chicken pox over pink eye any day of the week. Possibly my fear of 'anything to do with the eye'(4) outweighs even my fear of bears.

To test for corneal abrasions, the pediatrician did a little test. It involves putting in eye drops (that according to Noa sting like battery acid) and studying the eye under a black light. You know what ShallowGal would like to do again? Anything in the entire world except that.

(And Noa didn't like it either but she can complain on her own blog. At least she got a lollipop.)

Bonus points ! For the next week, ShallowGal gets to sit atop her hysterical seven year old twice a day and administer $75 worth of eye drops. And then study Noa's eye to look for signs of further infection.

And she doesn't even have a stinking Target gift card for her trouble.

Stupid testing fate.

1) Sing at your own risk
2) the sky / ceiling. And she's my co-ordinated one.
3) Although I'm sure there's lots you wish you didn't know. Sorry, can't unring that bell.
4) That doesn't really call for quotes but it's an awkward sentence fragment. I'm not afraid of eyes per se, just anything to do with them. See?


vuboq said...

My best friend from college has this weird fear of getting papercuts on her eyeballs (she says it is because she is Asian and has no nosebridge to stop a flying piece of paper).

To cure your fear of bears, you might want to consider adopting a cute pair of gay bears. I know where you can get some. Cheap.

countrymouse said...

What kind of heinous mother are you that your daughter knows how battery acid feels in her eyes?????

Amy said...

K- What exactly would you suggest I put in her eyes?

V- Thanks for that visual (no pun intended) Ew.

xoxo, SG