Thursday, May 1, 2008

ShallowGal would like you to join her

wishing PCSguy a happy 40rth birthday !

Now ShallowGal thought long and hard (1) about the best way to publicly acknowledge this milestone. There's the ever popular pictorial list of things older than PCSguy:

Even they're laughing at you !

I see now why you wanted a new bike for your birthday

But that trick is getting old (no pun intended.) Did you notice that there's apparently a very small window where ShallowGal won't make fun of your age? (2)

There's always the "this is your life" theme. Remember listening to that on the radio? Right after the big war? What? That was more than 40 years ago? All history pre-1969 just runs together for ShallowGal.

For this occasion, ShallowGal raided the carefully labeled shoe boxes (3) in Millie's basement. Here are a few of her favorites:

Jail bait.

ShallowGal has misplaced the picture of PCSguy going to Prom in his baby blue tux. That's her favorite too. The tribute is ruined ! Useless !

Wait, wait, I have it ! Let's go to Wikipedia and see what else happened in 1968. There was the My Lai massacre. Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. were assassinated. The USS Scorpion was lost at sea. The Republican National Convention nominated Richard Nixon for President. Wow tough year.

Happy Birthday PCSguy. Halfway there.

1) That's what she said!
2) You need to be 38 years, 11 months and 21 days old.
3) The labels were Family, Miscellaneous and Other.


vuboq said...

OP Corduroy Shorts!!! Those were the days! I hear that they're coming back (gawd help us).

Happy Birthday, PCSguy!

The Jet Set Girls said...

Vuboq totally beat me to the OP shorts comment! I was going to say how hipster he'd look if he could find them. SG, you shoulda mentioned he's in rockin' shape...

Anonymous said...

PCSGuy Staff writes....We think Charles is hot with hair! We all loved your blog today and we'll use it to our advantage! Watch out Charles!!!

Connie C said...

O Maw F---ing Gawd. What a Heart Throb. Sean Cassidy has nada on PSCGuy. I'm dying.

countrymouse said...

I love that Milly finds distinction between "miscellaneous" and "other." : )

Happy birthday PCSguy! Welcome to the 40 club. It sucks--I mean--it rocks. Whatever . . .