Thursday, March 27, 2008

An actual conversation with my Mother-in-law last weekend

We're in Millie's kitchen. She offers the kids cantaloupe. So I mention:

Did you see that story on the news about the salmonella in cantaloupe from Honduras? Maybe you should throw that one out.

She looks at me like I have 2 heads and talks really slowly:

It isn't from Honduras.

I inspected the melon but didn't see one of those little stickers.(1) I ask suspiciously:

Then where's it from?
Long Pause:

Magruder's. (2)

Lesson learned: Millie does not travel to Central America for groceries.

1) Fact: My kids think the sticker on the fruit like some kind of a little bonus, like the prize in the cereal box.
2)For those of you not from DC, Magruder's is a grocery store. See, you need to know that to make the story funny.


dykewife said...

i've heard only of salmonella on the exterior of the melons, not on the interior.

Java said...

I didn't know Magruder's was a grocery store, but I figured it was something like that, or maybe a produce stand. Because this is OBVIOUSLY a funny story, and Magruder's would have to be something way different from a country. Like Honduras. Which is a country.
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Amy said...

Java ~ VUBOQ was indeed the only guy at the Bossy meet. Fabulous enough to represent males everywhere !

texasholly said...

I love it. Makes total sense to me.

Thanks for linking!