Saturday, March 22, 2008

Brilliant observations ShallowGal makes at 3 am

Of all the things that make ShallowGal crazy, the price of gas never makes the list. Not because the higher prices encourage carpooling and the use of public transportation. Not even because ShallowGal's real last name is Exxon. The price of gas doesn't faze ShallowGal because it could be so much worse; cars could run on infant formula.

During TMCBOTP almost week long visit (1), ShallowGal shelled (2) out $7 for each 32 ounce container of Enfamil ready to use formula. That comes to twenty-eight dollars a gallon, or $24.50 more a gallon than regular unleaded.

Plus TMCBOTP got lousy mileage

1) Which is coincidentally (or not) how long SG went between updates.
2) I had a bunch more gas station puns but, eh, not really feeling them tonight.


Anonymous said...

Makes you appreciate breast feeding even more eh?
Holy cow! I cannot believe the price of formula!
And my most brilliant observations are always between 1 and 4 am! Aren't everyones? ;-)

T from PA

Anonymous said...

Oh, and also... when you and Paris are BFF's you can make HER buy the formula!

T from PA again.