Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bossy's Excellent Road Trip

Yesterday ShallowGal did the bravest thing she's done since, well probably the first time she gave birth without any medication (1) She drove to a bar and met a bunch of bloggy strangers.

It was Bossy's Excellent Road Trip and ShallowGal was invited. Not quite an honor like sitting at the captain's table since really all I had to do was e-mail Bossy and then show up. But for me, this was way harder than it sounds.

PCSguy will vouch for this, I'm actually really shy. He calls it introverted and says it mean I get my energy from within or something but basically it means if I haven't known you forever, I'm going to be afraid to talk to you. Unless I'm drunk, like at PCSguy's 20th High School reunion and then apparently I'm going to tell you I'm a thoracic surgeon and ask your opinion on my upcoming boob job.

Fact: ShallowGal is a fun drunk.

So anyway, after like a 50 minute argument with my massively outdated GPS, I showed up 1/2 hour late at the Continental in Arlington. The entire ride I was trying to figure out how I'd recognize everyone and how to introduce myself. Apparently the best I could come up with was "Is this the Friends of Bill W. meeting?" Lordy I'm such a loser. Note to future self: "Hi" works well.

But these people were so cool ! Let's see I met Amie who lives like around the corner from me, and Sarah who gave me a key chain and Devra who I know from somewhere like camp or soccer although she swears she's never seen me before in her life. I also met VUBOQ who was so funny and Gayle who went to Harvard Law and has twins and then this neat girl who came from Annapolis and once ran a marathon. And the pretty redhead with the sparkly sweater who teaches history whose name escapes me but we agreed that Kate is so mean to poor Jon. (2)

And of course I met Bossy. I've adored Bossy's offbeat sense of humor forever, but became truly addicted when she posted this recipe for broccoli casserole. For weeks I went around saying "If it's still box shaped, it's not finished" like an autistic parrot until finally Lolita Travelsalot told me to stop. Plus I'm totally jealous that Bossy is comfortable always posting in the third person while ShallowGal refuses to completely commit one way or the other.

The first half hour was hard. The conversation was in Latin, I think, with terms like twitter and BlogHer. I half expected Bossy and the rest of the bloggers to get into their flying car and leave me back here in 1982.

After my first $2.50 Yuengling I started to loosen up. We got a menu and I suggested ordering one of everything on the half price appetizer menu. I always say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Apparently the impression I chose to make was gluttonous.

All in all a ton of fun. Would have even been an opportunity to spread the good word beyond my 7 loyal readers if I could have remembered my flippin URL. Instead everyone else passed out cards and trinkets with their blog address and I kind of stared at the ceiling and mumbled "it starts with a WWW and then blogspot or blogger." First impression baby.

So ShallowGal now has 2 dilemmas. Issue #1: Now that Bossy has come and gone, do I take down her little button on the right? Issue #2: Should I change my URL to something easier to remember like www dot I am a dumb

1) Cause the second time wasn't brave, just stupid.
2) I'm sorry ladies, you have to meet me before my second drink to have me remember your name. If you comment, I'll add your name and links !


Mamma said...

It was so great to meet you. Look forward to more happy hours.

vuboq said...

We can be, like, twins or something.

countrymouse said...

Well damn. I started reading your post thinking "Cool--she's shy and she managed to go meet Bossy. I too can leave my tiny little comfort zone and do the Bossy thing." Then I got to the part where you're all funny as hell and made me laugh my ass off and I just don't have that going for me . . .

Must re-evaluate my Bossy plans . . .

Gayle said...

So great meeting you too! Would love to talk books with you too... Westing Game or whatever else!


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You didn't seem shy! We had a great time. I am so glad you came.

Papagayo said...

great post and sense of humor YOU! I'm looking forward to the Boss's trip myself!

Jan said...

Very funny post. I found you via Countrymouse, one of my favs.

Stimey said...

Okay, you're hilarious. I came here from Goon Squad Sarah and then I got lost in your back posts. I'm adding you to my reader right now.