Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday Redux

So after reading yesterday's post, none of you could be bothered to tell me it was actually Tuesday? I had to wait until 9 pm when I turned on the tv to watch Lost (1) to figure it out all by myself? Thanks for nothing.

Honestly, considering the Groundhog Day-like quality of my week, it is amazing that this is the first time (2) that I've made this particular mistake. Weekends are a little easier; if I wake up and PCSguy is there next to me, then it's either Saturday or Sunday. But Mondays thru Fridays are a venerable parade of sameness, and beige colored sameness at that.

Not that ShallowGal minds beige; as a matter of fact beige is preferable to say, the color of vomit. Which with Noa last month was strawberry colored all over the hallway carpet. And with Jake on Monday was the regular color (3) but all over the synagogue. With PCSguy, VP of vomit and bear management, in Texas.

Not the first time PCSguy has fallen down on the job. Did I ever tell you about January 2005? When I was 14 1/2 months pregnant and the water was turned off for some renovations we were doing and Noa threw up on every sheet and towel we own? And PCSguy was in Toronto going to Blue Jay games? (4) Hopefully he'll do better on the bear part of the job.

What were we talking about? Beige. Right. Actually beige can be downright swell. Case in point:

More proof that SG has nothing against beige

1) Which is actually on Thursdays now anyway.
2) today, anyway.
3) Which may actually be beige come to think of it.
4) And selling printer cartridges to the Canadians.

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First Time Dad said...

From FTM and FTD: thank you ShallowGal for the hilarious baby baby onesies! We love it and pictures to follow!!!!