Sunday, March 30, 2008

ShallowGal's dilemma

ShallowGal has a dilemma. (1) Jamie Lynn Spears' baby is due in three months and ShallowGal cannot decide on a present.

Think about it: ShallowGal is Paris' BFF and Jamie Lynn's sister used to be Paris' BFF so there's pretty much no way ShallowGal isn't going to be invited to the shower. Luckily, Jamie Lynn put together a baby registry.

One of ShallowGal's greatest pleasures is mocking other people's baby registries. Sometimes ShallowGal will type in random names (2) into the registry finder. Then I'll yell at these silly first time parents via my computer screen about how they don't need to actually register for a plastic rattle. Somebody will buy them one anyway. Their child will indeed learn to rattle.

But I digress. To be fair, Jamie Lynn did a decent job. Although that black car seat and stroller will get hot in the Louisiana sun. And the bugaboo is so pretty in red. Seriously, what's with all the black, it's a baby, Jamie Lynn. Let go of some of that teen angst. And sweetie, don't you think the tabloids are going to have a field day once somebody buys you that industrial sized breast pump? Nickelodeon paid you well, you can spring for that one.

Mostly though I'm glad she isn't patronizing that miserable boutique who wouldn't help us with our dishwasher.

Fact: ShallowGal can hold a grudge for a very long time.

1) Dilemma is totally one of those words that looks so wrong if you look at it too long.
2) Or even ex-boyfriends names.

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vuboq said...

I think you should get her the 16 pack of AA batteries. Everyone needs them, but no one ever thinks to GIVE them. *smooches*