Monday, March 17, 2008

Paris and ShallowGal: BFF

O M G you guys. Paris is looking for a new BFF.

I'm so going to win. No offense to all my old BFFs. Y'all still rock.(1) But Paris needs me. I mean do you know what Nicole did to her? (2)

Now to be considered, I need to make a 90 second video and I'll get to that later. I also have to write at least one blog entry that answers all the following questions:
  • Do you consider yourself fabulous? How so?
Of course I'm fabulous. I sometimes brush my hair and teeth on the same day ! I leave the house as often as twice a week ! And I'm quite comfortable in the party scene, particularly if there's Tupperware for sale there.
  • What qualities make you the perfect celebrity BFF?
I know at least 8 different ways to serve ham.
  • What similarities do you share with Paris? How are you different?
Paris and I are both named after European cities. What? You've never heard of ShallowGal in Hungary? Remind me to update Wikipedia later. Also we both like pink. And we're both natural blonds.

We both take a mean mug shot

We're not completely interchangeable though, she signed with Donald Trump modeling agency and I took a pass. And her birthday is February, 1981 and mine's not until May of, um, some other year.
  • It's hard to stay in the public eye. How would you maintain the limelight?
As the writer of a blog that sometimes receives as many as twenty hits a day, I'm used to dealing with an adoring public. I have the best trick to avoid the paparazzi too; I yell "Look at the size of that cat" and point behind them. When they turn around to look, I run away. Works every time.

I guess my question is what does Paris bring to the table? Will she watch my kids when I go to the dentist? Will she spend hours surfing the net trying to find the best price on the Enchanted dvd? ($13.99 at Circuit City for 5 days only) Will she lend me her cool leather jacket when I go out to dinner with PCSguy? Will she keep her mouth shut when I wear the same yoga pants 3 days in a row, and she knows I don't even go to yoga? I think she will. But I may hold on to my current BFFs too, just in case. (3)

1) Even if you never read my blog: I'm talking to you Linda and Teri.
2) If you do, can you tell me? I never did really figure it out.
3) Even if they can't be bothered to read my blog.

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countrymouse said...

OMG--you are freaking hilarious! And I heart your annotations--wish I'd thought of that : )