Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And we went to the Statue of Liberty, the U.N. and the Museum of Natural History, but apparently those made no impact.

So ShallowGal and son have returned from New York and are here to tell you all that the Big Apple has to offer for 10 year old boys:
  1. The Nintendo store
  2. The second floor of the Nintendo store

Yes. At 10 Rockefeller Plaza, there exists a two story emporium where pre-teen boys can kneel down and worship both the Wii and the DS. There's even a small 'museum' showing the history of Game Boys (all of which are older than Maggie.) (1)

Now ShallowGal has nothing against Nintendo. Hell, SG was just five minutes ago playing dance dance revolution on her Wii and thanking the heavens above for allowing her to be born into such a remarkable age. But ShallowGal has one problem with Nintendo and it is a biggie.

They misused an apostrophe on their home page.

And their home page is blurry too, but that's not important now

ShallowGal will zoom in for you:

SG would circle it too, if she only had photoshop.

ShallowGal has always had problems with apostrophes. They're tricky little buggers. But if SG had profits of over FIVE BILLION dollars last year alone, she would hire an apostrophe expert. (2)

Hey Nintendo ! Do the frequently asked questions own something? Are there missing letters for which the apostrophe is trying to compensate? (3) No and no. If you're going to have such a major impact on the life of my 10 year old, can you at least pretend that things like grammar still matter?

The correct abbreviation is FAQs. No thanks are necessary Nintendo (although that new Wii ski game would be an excellent sign that there are no hard feelings between us.)

1) But younger than John McCain.
2) And a personal trainer.
3) besides "requently sked uestions"


vuboq said...

vuboq LOLed at footnote (3) ... once he went back and figured it out.

welcome back. i hope you left the city intact for my visit there at the end of the month.

Anonymous said...

ITA!!! I'm part of an employee group called APOs. Would you believe that for a while our website called us APO's. Maybe it still does - I haven't checked for a while. The worst part... we're Administrative and Professional Officers. (not Officer's) Seriously, how can we look like professional anythings if we don't know how to use our apostrophes?

Oh, and speaking of wii ddr... I'm having a hard time with one of the challenges. I can't seem to beat the venue master on "I'm Flying Away" I got more perfects, more greats, only a couple of goods, no boos, and over 150 combos - better than the venue master on every single category, and he still beat me! Any suggestions?

C in C

The Jet Set Girls said...

If I didn't keep making punctuation mistakes on the blog; you'd stop reading it. Plus, I know it feeds your ego- see what a good friend I am! See you at Nordstroms...

Maggie said...

I object: There may be many things older than me, but I totally know what Game Boys are! In fact, I've even seen one! So there!!

Of course, I've never personally owned a Game Boy (I was a bit too young for that sort of thing). :)

countrymouse said...

No way. Are you stalking me to find new ways to be EXACTLY LIKE ME?