Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ShallowGal and the Earthquake

Thank you all for the outpouring of concern. I'm please to tell you that ShallowGal and posse have come thru the Great Earthquake of Northern Virginia unscathed.

ShallowGal's sole goal for BlogHer is to learn how to
put an X on this map to mark her earthquake location (which was just
above the green blob in the bottom left corner.)

ShallowGal actually totally missed the earthquake, which is apparently pretty normal for a 1.8 tremor. Noa, however, claims it was "really really bad" and based on her extensive knowledge of these things "felt more like an 8 or 9." She also saw the ground crack below her and then immediately heal back up before anyone else saw it, which is pretty amazing since she was inside a windowless room at the time.

I don't know where she gets her ability to over dramatize. Probably PCSguy.

Anyway, this earthquake was totally my fault. First off, ShallowGal was just last month chaperoning a field trip to the Museum of Natural History where she saw an exhibit about earthquakes. She pointed out to her little group of learners that Northern Virginia was safe from seismic disaster unlike those poor schmucks in California. That's when ShallowGal learned that half her impressionable little group was moving to San Fransisco this summer.(1)

Your official earthquake risk map. Never say I didn't warn you.

Secondly, ShallowGal stayed up late the other night watching Volcano. Which is a movie about another natural disaster. I'm so sorry to anyone inconvenienced by today's tremor.

You're saying this is all kind of a weird mini-coincidence? Not even a mini-coincidence but the ravings of a mad woman? Fine. I'm going upstairs to watch Titanic.(2) Don't say I didn't warn you.

1) Just kidding Christian, Caleb and Jessica's parents. I didn't really say anything. I can't imagine why they don't want to move.
2) Actually I'm just kidding again, I *hate* that movie.


jodifur said...

So odd!

Thanks for your comment on Jodifur!

vuboq said...

How can you hate Titanic???

I experienced 2 earthquakes in Japan. One was very minor; the other was slightly not as minor [I could see the building's walls move and I felt queasy]. I didn't feel the Great Northern VA Quake at all. *sigh*