Friday, May 30, 2008

ShallowGal is such a good driver

(All together now)

How good a driver is she?

ShallowGal is such a good driver that she can put a mug of coffee on the back bumper of her car and drive 16 miles to tot soccer and not spill a single drop.

Then when ShallowGal's friend Linda asks "why is there a coffee cup on your back bumper?" ShallowGal can assure her it was a test of her superior driving skills not a total lack of awareness.
No coffee mugs were harmed in the writing of this blog


Stimey said...

I'm not going to go into statistical improbability and the science of potholes here,

The Jet Set Girls said...

The big question here is why would you drive that far to take your 3 year old to tot soccer?

Amy said...

Lolita: I am just that dedicated a mother. Plus I knew Linda would be less likely to blow it off if it were in her neck of the woods. And it is next door to Alzheimer Grandma's house.

PS: This season Eli spent about 14 seconds actually playing soccer.

Becca said...

I am VERY impressed. People must look at me and think "bad driver!" because whenever I try to drive off with a mug/cup of something sitting on my car, I always get someone running after me waving their arms in the air and shrieking for me to stop. ^_^ You must teach me your ways!