Thursday, July 3, 2008

A very shallow contest

ShallowGal needs some title inspiration.

Anyhoo. ShallowGal is leaving in two weeks for BlogHer. The shoes have been bought and the toasters are neatly packed. All that's left is to lose the last 19 pounds and order business cards. (1)

SG has been married to PCSguy long enough to pick up a few important tidbits about printer cartridges. Those are of no use to us today. But one of his hobbies is marketing and because of this SG knows important information to put on one's business card: URL, e-mail address and a hook.

Bossy has "Keeping it Real. Real Silly." Vuboq is " Now working a street corner near you (also available for dinner parties and bar mitzvahs)" Clearly all the good catch phrases are taken.

This is where you come in.

Write for ShallowGal either a catchy quote or a mission statement that she can put on her business card and generate tons of new readers.

What's in it for you? I'm glad you asked. The winner receives a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR gift card to the Lettuce Entertain You restaurant chain.

Unfortunately, PCSguy and SG already used $63 of it at Wildfire. Also I'm pretty sure the card is non transferable so you'll have to pretend to be either SG or PCSguy. Still, a pretty solid prize for just figuring out who ShallowGal is, what she wants out of life or why she wants to blog.

Bonus points, in the form of actual points, will be awarded to anyone who manages to tie it into this particular template.

Place contest entries in the comment section by midnight tomorrow, July 4rth.

Good luck !

1) Read enough ShallowGal and you'll see that her posts occasionally read like a mad lib. The ___ (noun) has been _____ (verb). All that's left is the _____ (very important act that should have been done months ago)


Anonymous said...

I've been told that family members ARE allowed to

I personally like Shallow is the New Deep

vuboq said...

How many times are we allowed to enter?

Because, right now, all I got is

More Than Just a Cephalopod.

I might be able to do better. We'll see...

Stimey said...

I just spent really way too much time trying to think up something hilarious. It turns out that I'm not very funny. I got nothin'.

First Time Dad said...

It is so obvious that I am not equipped with marketing brain, but how about: "Creatures of the Deep may fear the Shallow(s)"

Anonymous said...

"Wishing I had enough feet for four pairs of new shoes!"


Anonymous said...

1 - "One-dimensional. One gal."
2 - "It's just more fun in the Shallow End!"


Emily said...

Oops, I inked! / Awww, you guys made me ink!

To ink or not to ink.

Thinking and Inking (or vice versa)

Armed for life in the Shallow End

Armed and dangerous??

vuboq said...

"If you're looking for Shallow Hal, try"

hm. that's not funny either.


Anonymous said...

I may not be deep, but I sure am shallow.

Ok, that's all I got. ;-)

T - from PA

First Time Dad said...

eagerly awaiting the result.... (did the check come thru??)

gaining some lb's said...

This is why I dont work for an Ad agency.

But the ones listed are pretty funny :)